The entire cast during “Scene of the Crime,” where Elle’s beauty knowledge helps her win the case and set Brooke Taylor free. (COURTESY OF VALYNSIA SIMS)

Review: ‘Legally Blonde the Musical’

Inspired by Amanda Brown’s novel “Legally Blonde,” the hit film starring Reese Witherspoon and directed by Robert Luketic came out in 2001. In 2007, the popularity of the film turned it into a musical that CPP students have successfully brought to life from Jan. 23-26. 

This performance, directed by Gabrielle Manuit, had so much energy from start to finish. The cast knew exactly what they were doing and performed with no errors that were known to the audience. The opening song, “Omigod You Guys,” was adorable and peppy just like the Delta Nu sorority members should be. 

Our leading lady, Elle Woods, who was played by first-year theater student Carly Espinoza, was every bit as bold, bubbly and blonde as Witherspoon herself. Throughout the entire show, Espinoza had a powerful presence on stage. Her vocal capabilities were strong enough for back-row audience members to hear her every word with ease. 

The entire cast during “Scene of the Crime,” where Elle’s beauty knowledge helps her win the case and set Brooke Taylor free.
(Courtesy of Valynsia Sims)

The entire cast appeared to have beautiful singing voices; however, mics were scarce, and some voices were lost in the rows further back. 

As Woods makes her way to Harvard Law School, more recognizable characters from the film are introduced. Warner Huntington III, played by Gerard Marquez, has as much sensitivity and compassion as a brick wall. Huntington was Elle’s boyfriend until he broke up with her for not being smart and serious enough to date him while he attended Harvard. Marquez plays the part perfectly and does justice to the bad guy role that the audience loves to hate. His singing voice was a pleasure to listen to. 

Other beloved characters like Emmett Forrest, played by sixth-year biochemistry student Joseph De Los Reyes; Vivienne Kensington, played by second-year theater student Sam Kernaghan; and Paulette Bonafonte, played by third-year liberal studies student Cassidy Finch, were relatable and entertaining. Each actor represented his or her character perfectly while adding some personal flair to make them stand out in a crowd. 

A character who was not as well known is named Serena, a very peppy cheerleader and Delta Nu sister. Hannah Lorayne was a joy to watch on stage. There were many times my focus would leave the main characters to watch her popping personality reach everyone in the theater. Lorayne’s singing and dancing abilities were spot-on, just like her acting. 

An adorable surprise that the audience loved was “Legally Blonde” is animal friendly. Wood’s little chihuahua named Bruiser Woods made an adorable appearance on stage by an 11-year-old chihuahua-dachshund mix named Lilo. The other lovable canine in the film is Paulette’s dog Rufus, an English bulldog, who was portrayed by a lovable German shepherd.

The rest of the play captures your attention during every second. During the song “Legally Blonde,” audience members sat at the edge of their seats while Emmett and Elle sang together. The tension and suspense for Elle to prove herself to be more than she realizes doesn’t let up until she wins her first court case using her wits and beauty knowledge. 

The show had to end with just as much energy as it began with, and “Find My Way” was the cherry on top. “Legally Blonde the Musical” had talented actors, musicians and stagehands to bend and snap this production into the must-see of the weekend!

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