A Poké Ball terrarium featuring a “Squirtle”, a popular turtle-like water Pokémon. (Isac Kim / The Poly Post)

Gotta craft ‘em all

As the world celebrated Pokémon Day last Wednesday, so did students on campus. 

In honor of Pokémon Day, the Library Club hosted a Pokémon-themed event in the Knowledge Center of the library where students gathered and decorated Pokémon-themed mason jar toppers, terrariums and played Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch.

Katherine Garcia, Quinn Gilbert, Olivia Pratama, Kelly Huang and Jeremy Fowler make Pokémon mason jar toppers and Pokémon terrariums. (Isac Kim / The Poly Post)

Pokémon Day is celebrated around the world in commemoration of the first Pokémon games— Pokémon Red and Pokémon Green — which were released for the Nintendo Game Boy system in Japan on Feb. 27, 1996. 

Creator of Nintendo’s Pokémon franchise Satoshi Tajiri has brought joy to millions of children and adults around the world, which the Library Club hoped to extend to students on campus.

The Library Club considers itself the student voice of the library and advocates of the different services the library has to offer. 

Lisa Cheung, a fifth-year computer engineering major, is the vice president and treasurer of the Library Club. Cheung organized the Pokémon-themed event in the Knowledge Center of the library to help students relax during midterms. 

Cheung said because there is a big Pokémon community on campus, she knew people would come to the event to celebrate Pokémon Day. 

“Because it’s midterms, we wanted to help de-stress students. It’s also an on-campus event for students to be creative in decorating mason jar toppers and terrariums, have fun playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and just enjoy Pokémon Day,” Cheung said.

With Pokémon having been a big part of their childhoods, many students came out to enjoy the Pokémon-themed event.

Jeremy Fowler, an English graduate student, and Katherine Garcia, a food science graduate student, were two of many students who came out and enjoyed making Pokémon-themed mason jar toppers and terrariums. 

Fowler and Garcia recall playing Pokémon games while growing up. 

Fowler even said he has played all Pokémon games, including the most recent Pokémon games, Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go Eevee!

Some students also came to the Pokémon-themed event to take their minds off from school work. 

Kelly Huang, a third-year psychology student, is a fan of the Pokémon franchise and said she wanted to come and relax by making a Pokémon terrarium.

“Making my Pokémon terrarium was a really nice way to de-stress from school. It was a bit hectic at first, with so many people coming, but everything eventually settled down,” Huang said.

A Poké Ball terrarium featuring a “Squirtle”, a popular turtle-like water Pokémon. (Isac Kim / The Poly Post)

Other students also stopped by to participate.

Marilyn Avina, a fourth-year biology student, said she came to partake in the Pokémon-themed arts and crafts.

“This was so much fun. I liked how the Library Club had a lot of decorations for students to make their Pokémon mason jar toppers and terrariums. Everything was well prepared,” Avina said.

With more events set to come from the Library Club, Cheung asked for more people to join the Library Club.

“If you like the library and participating in events, join the library club,” Cheung said.

More information on the CPP Library Club and its future events can be found online at CPP The Library Club’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/CPPTLC/.

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