Intramural 3-point contest jumpstarts ASI’s spring calendar of events

By Carlos Leano, Feb. 22, 2022

ASI Campus Recreation opened its slate of competitive events with a three-point shootout on Feb. 17 at the BRIC to determine who is the “three-point king.”

The intramural three-point contest included a total of 25 contestants. Psychology student Jalen Lantano began slow in the championship round but quickly totaled 16 shots, taking the championship title.

For the first round, a score of eight or higher qualified contestants to move on. The second round required a score of nine or higher. Finally, in the championship round, the highest score determined the winner.

Each person attempted 20 shots from various racks stationed in different parts of the court. Contestants began at one corner and moved from station to station along the three-point line until they reached the opposite corner. Each rack contained four balls. The first three of each rack counted for one point. The last ball, which was the “money” ball, amounted to two points. The goal was to score as many points as possible within one minute.

With the return of in-person classes, it was the first intramural competition to take place this semester. ASI’s Competitive Sports Coordinator, Agon Abazi, explained the importance of holding events like this.

“It creates that sense of community for a lot of people,” said Abazi. “Additionally, it’s a great outlet for people to escape from day-to-day busy schedules with classes and work.”

Kinesiology student Marco Pading is a former high school basketball player and plays as a hobby. He likes to call himself a “shooter” which is why he decided to participate. His mindset was to have fun and enjoy himself, which relieved him of any sort of pressure.

“First round was a slow start for me,” Pading said. “I had eight points. But in the second and third rounds, I got warmed up. I did a lot better for sure.”

With only eight points, Pading managed to barely squeeze past the first round. He lived up to his nickname putting up double-digit scores the next two rounds but fell short in the championship, losing by one point.

Lantano, who is an avid basketball player and tries to play four to six days a week, recapped his time at the event.

“I had a lot of fun out here,” Lantano said. “The last time we did this, I lost in the second round so I was just trying to improve and redeem myself.”

Lantano mentioned his love for basketball and explained how he is trying to get involved in any sort of extracurricular activities, especially if it involves the sport.

He started the contest with a bang, putting up 17 in the first round. This was the highest score of the day. He continued firing and proceeded with a top three score in the next round.

Lantano was the last contestant to shoot and had to catch up to Pading’s score of 15 in order to win. The first two racks were shaky, and he struggled to catch a rhythm. Lantano caught fire in the last half and edged Pading with a score of 16 to take the crown.

Lantano, Pading and many other contestants look forward to intramural basketball leagues starting March 7. Visit the ASI Campus Recreation website for information regarding upcoming intramural events or leagues.

Feature photo by Carlos Leano.

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