CPP’s women’s basketball team defeats Cal Poly Humboldt

By Aaliyah M. E. Murillo, Feb. 22, 2022

Cal Poly Pomona’s women’s basketball team jump-started their week with a 68-57 victory end score against newly renamed Cal Poly Humboldt on Feb. 17, improving their score to 7-14 overall and 6-11 in the CCAA.

The Broncos held a 15-point advantage during the first half and remained victorious by 11 points. CPP is 2-0 against Humboldt; on Jan. 15 in a double overtime first meeting, CPP won 89-80.

CPP forward Rebecca Islas and guard Jayda Villarreal commented on their rivalry against Cal Poly Humboldt.

“It was fun; it’s always good to beat Humboldt,” said Islas. “I’m glad we got the win. There’s just something about Humboldt that irks me.”

Villareal followed Islas’ comment saying, “Well, now they have our name too.”

Islas joked, “Yeah. Now they’re Cal Poly Humboldt; they’re trying to be like us.”

Ciara James, forward and center, opened the game with a jumper 14 seconds into the first quarter. Guard Breanne Ha made steals that led to back-to-back three-pointers from Villareal and guard Ally Bates.

Villareal averages 30-plus minutes within a game but only played 16 minutes this match up after injuring herself in practice the day before.

“It was nice to be on the bench and see things I don’t usually get to see when I’m in the whole time,” said Villareal

Guard Sydney Fedinec placed points on the board giving CPP a four-point lead in the first quarter. The team totaled 18 points while Humboldt trailed behind with eight points and seven turnovers.

Despite her injury, Villareal connected a triple that gave CPP a 32-17 lead during the first half.

“I am really proud that we were getting some rotations that we have been missing in the past and we were playing together as a team, supporting each other,” said Villareal.

In the third quarter, forward Monica Todd, Ha and James advanced the lead to 21-points with less than seven minutes left in the quarter.

Humboldt could not keep up with Cal Poly Pomona as the double-digit lead kept CPP in a comfortable position until the clock struck zero for the final time.

“It is a much needed (victory) especially during senior week,” said Todd, sporting a bloodshot eye.

“We were on the road two weeks ago up in Stanislaus,” said Todd. “Third quarter, I got an elbow to my eyebrow, but the swelling went all the way to my eye.”

Todd battled through her injury, playing 35 minutes, scoring 15 points and having six steals.

Todd and Bates were the top scorers of the game, totaling out 15 points and eight rebounds each.

As the team enters the final games of their regular season, seniors Villareal, Islas and Todd’s collegiate careers will come to an end this spring.

“At the end of practice — end of the game — make sure you are having fun; you don’t want to look back and regret anything,” said Todd. “So just take every day one day at a time.”

“You are not gonna get these years or these experiences and these people back,” said Villareal. “Enjoy it.”

CPP is vying for a position in one of the four remaining entries for the CCAA tournament that will take place in the Cal Poly Humboldt home court in Arcata, California. The victory against Cal Poly Humboldt keeps the Broncos alive, but they will need to win their final three matchups and maintain a top seed position to ensure entry.

The Broncos will be on the road Feb. 24 against Cal State Monterey Bay.

Feature photo by Daniel Tapia.

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