CPP Athletics sports a new mobile app

By Donevan Aceves, Aug. 31, 2021

As COVID-19 preventative measures continue to restrict extracurricular aspects of campus life, the university’s athletic department has announced the launch of a new mobile app intended to reinvent how the community interacts with sports on campus.

The development of the app was an effort aimed to help students achieve a more in-depth experience when following their favorite sports teams on campus, according to the CPP Athletics department.

Assistant Athletics Director of Communication, Tyler Lobe, was instrumental in the creation of the app and its promotion.

“Seeing a whole bunch of other Division I and even some Division II athletic departments having a mobile app, I was interested in it for us here at Cal Poly Pomona and I think some of the features are definitely what I was looking toward having available to us to more promote our sports, our teams, and our department,” said Lobe. “It’s just easier to find out what’s going on in the athletic department.”

Pleased by the announcement, biochemistry student Michael Lopez believes the app will serve as a beneficial resource during the transition to in-person activity.

“I think the app is a great idea because it will allow students to keep up with what’s happening with CPP athletics, especially because sports haven’t been on campus since COVID-19 hit,” said Lopez.

By allowing notifications from the app, those who download it will be able to monitor CPP teams’ rankings, scores, stats, and updated game schedules for each season. Breaking news regarding the athletics program and its teams will be updated consistently, creating an opportunity for students to stay up to date with campus activities from the comfort of their own homes.

“I think the app should be very successful because sports are an easy way to get people excited around campus,” said chemical engineering student Jillyan Brown.

The app includes links to team social media feeds as well as easily accessible live video and audio streams of games.

The mobile app was launched on Aug. 5, just before the start of the 2021-2022 academic year. (Courtesy of CPP Athletics Department)

For psychology student Samantha Felix, the app provides an efficient way to keep track of sports on campus while juggling a busy class schedule during the fall.

“I am a sport-oriented individual and I believe it would be convenient to have if I ever wish to attend a CPP baseball game, a basketball game or just any other sporting event,” said Felix. “Information could be found all in one place and I could plan accordingly.”

The new mobile app is powered by SIDEARM sports, one of largest digital providers in intercollegiate sports. SIDEARM is affiliated with 300 NCAA Division I programs and 57 Power Five athletic departments.

The CPP Broncos athletics app is free and available for download on both the Apple app store and the Google Play store.

For more information, students can visit the CPP Athletics department website.

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