(Courtesy of ASI Campus Recreation)

BRIC access granted for students after graduation

By Moustafa Elhadary, Feb. 9, 2021

Soon-to-be graduates can now look forward to revisiting campus not for classes but for the recreational use of the gym. The ASI Board of Directors unanimously approved a proposal at the end of the fall semester allowing CPP students to redeem a complementary BRIC membership equivalent to the number of terms the facility was closed.

CPP students are free to use their complementary BRIC membership for any term up until June 30, 2030. ASI Vice President Manshaan Singh stated that every student who paid the $403.97 facilities and operations fee during spring and fall during the campus closure can redeem a complementary term.

“This actually came from an idea from the CPP subreddit,” explained Singh who then went to the ASI staff and asked if the idea was possible. It took two and half months to complete the proposal, Singh added.

The newly renovated pool at the BRIC will be open to use for members.  (Courtesy of ASI Campus Recreation)

Redeemable terms do not have to be consecutive. The proposal also states that fall 2020 first-year students are eligible for a complementary membership for a single term they do not enroll in prior to their graduation, or they can redeem it after graduation if they graduate before June 30, 2030.

ASI Associate Executive Director Krista Smith worked on a draft to propose to the board of directors for approval. Dates for reopening the BRIC have not yet been determined but the campus is planning and preparing to open once it’s safe to do so.

Ali Dakak, a fourth-year computer science student, frequently visited the BRIC before the campus shut down and was elated to hear that the proposal was approved.

BRIC users can enjoy rock climbing on the 51-foot wall. (Courtesy of ASI Campus Recreation)

“I think it’s a great idea to let us students use the BRIC after graduation, it’s only fair since we paid the fees,” Dakak said. “My experience with the BRIC has always been great, I think it helped me go to the gym more often since I was already on campus, so I’m excited to be able to use it even after I graduate this semester.”

A redemption of this membership includes access to all programs and services including an indoor track, basketball courts, cardio and strength equipment, as well as studio classes for group fitness workouts at the BRIC.



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