Macy Rivas, senior pole vaulter (Courtesy of CPP ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT)

Student-athletes share how they stay active at home due to coronavirus

After almost one month since Cal Poly Pomona’s campus shut down due to COVID-19 pandemic, student-athletes in quarantine have created workout routines at home.

Despite not having the workout equipment at home that they are accustomed to on campus, that has not stopped athletes from continuing with their regular daily workout. The Poly Post interviewed some athletes to hear about how they’re working out at home to stay in shape during quarantine.

Garrett Jensen, junior defender

“It’s hard being on lockdown. A lot of players are getting creative and just passing a ball against a wall or finding different areas to get our touches on the ball. It is hard, but now is a good time to settle down and just realign your mind and values. This is also an important time to build your character because doing exercises on your own is hard, so you really have to have self-motivation and passion to get better on your own.”

Clarissa Sanchez, junior goalkeeper

“I’m trying to keep a similar routine to when we were on campus. So work out in the morning, then go to class (online), try to do homework, and then in the afternoon I try to get touches with the ball, which has been the most difficult part because I’m not training with other people. But anything helps at this point.”

William Christmas, senior guard
(Courtesy of PETER McLEAN)

“As a basketball player, it’s hard because a lot of your workouts have to do with having a basketball, so I try to get outside every once in a while to go to outdoor courts and do as much as possible without breaking the rules. A lot of it is just waking up and going on runs, doing pushups, and really I’m just trying to do at-home workouts.”

Macy Rivas, senior pole vaulter

“I’m a person who enjoys being outdoors, and I’m a very active person, so I’ve been challenging myself with more than just track workouts. I’ve been doing things like hikes and trail runs. I’ve been challenging myself (by) taking a hike every day to try and stay fit. I’ve incorporated more vegetables to my diet to try and eat healthier.”


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