Students share their opinion on Astros’ cheating scandal

Quotes compiled by staff writers Christian Moya and Alexandra Wilder

The Houston Astros are the latest professional sports team to get caught up in a cheating scandal. The team was caught stealing signs from catchers in 2017 using video cameras, and players would then relay the signs to their hitters so they knew every pitch that was coming. The Astros won the World Series in 2017, the year they admitted to electronically stealing signs. As more information is being released, it seems as though the Astros also cheated in 2018 and 2019 via cameras located in center field. According to reports, the person with the camera in center field would instantly relay the pitch call to someone in the dugout who would then bang on a garbage can, letting the hitter know what pitch was coming. Fans and fellow players are furious with the news and can’t believe the commissioner of baseball, Rob Manfred, gave immunity to all of the players involved. The Poly Post interviewed some student athletes to get their opinions on the Astros’ cheating scandal.

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Kira Zimmerman, Sophomore setter

“The Astros cheating scandal is upsetting for all of the other teams that could’ve possibly won that World Series. The Dodgers were right there that season, so to know the winners won off of something other than talent is embarrassing for the baseball community. I think the Astros should be completely stripped of winning and the management needs to be let go from baseball forever.”

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Riley Schaefer, Senior guard

“Cheating in sports is never right, especially at the pro level where millions of dollars and guys’ careers are on the line. The punishment could have been a bit harsher, but I don’t think “stripping” away the title does much because they’re not going to replay the 2017 playoffs. I think the Astros will get what they deserve this season, and I’m excited to watch them lead the league in being hit by pitches.”

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Gavin Velasquez, Senior pitcher

“The Astros cheating scandal is very unfortunate, not only for MLB, but all sports. People dedicate their livelihoods and sacrifice a lot to win and compete at a championship level and to find out most of these allegations are coming back true, it is just disappointing. They are lucky that the consequences weren’t more severe.”

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Dante Palacio, Sophomore outfielder

“It hurts the game, players and teams that had to play against this team that cheated their way to a World Series. The backlash the Astros will get, not only from fans, but teams across the league is what they will deserve as baseball has a way of policing itself. I still believe that more punishments need to be given to players individually who were involved along with more fines and suspensions.”

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