Women’s indoor track & field begins Friday

Cal Poly Pomona has added a women’s indoor track and field program to the 2019-20 academic year. 

The Broncos have become the 11th team to be in the athletic department as the season kicks off this week.

Head coach Chris Bradford, who is the head coach for both cross country and outdoor track and field, will take the lead alongside his current assistant coaches Wes Ashford, Darrell Smith Jr., Sara Macey and Joseph Blue.

“I think I’m most excited about giving an opportunity for our ladies to compete for a national championship and compete at the national level for All-Americans – something they’ve never had the opportunity for in school history with indoor (track and field). I’m really excited for them to have an opportunity to showcase what they can do on another stage,” Bradford said.

Ayana Fields (left) and Zaria Francis (right) sprint their way to the finish line at Point Loma. (Elizabeth Hernandez | The Poly Post)

Within the program, 30 more student-athletes had the chance to be added to the roster and have the opportunity to compete in both indoor and outdoor track and field programs.

 This gives many more opportunities for the Broncos to land their goals during this season.

With over 10 seniors and 15 new upcoming freshman, this new program offers a greater chance for these women athletes to achieve success at a national level. 

Since the program has been introduced, this has put the Broncos on edge and ready to exhibit their talents in an exhilarating, different platform.

Bradford also mentioned that the preparation for the indoor season hasn’t been all that different compared to the outdoor season.

“We’ll probably change  a couple of small things to move up the time table a little bit with the same stuff we’re trying to do. The preparation has been extremely similar to what it’s been in the past,” Bradford said.

He also hopes to see the Broncos display what they are capable of at the national level against teams that will challenge them in such a new environment. 

In addition, he mentions, “The goal is to have people in nationals and the goal is to have people as All-Americans whether it’s indoor or outdoor (track and field).”

Other neighboring women’s indoor track and field teams featured in the California Collegiate Athletic Association include Cal State Dominguez Hills, Cal State L.A., San Francisco State and Stanislaus State. However, the these teams won’t be participating in  a CCAA conference championship.

As practices have started, the Broncos already have an eye on the prize, which is to qualify for the 2020 National Collegiate Athletic Association Division II Women’s Indoor Track & Field Championships on March 13-14 in Birmingham, Alabama.

The Cal Poly Pomona women’s indoor track and field team will travel far from home to Albuquerque, New Mexico to compete in its first-ever indoor track meet on Jan. 24-25 and showcase its talents at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Invitational.