Gerardo Flores finished seventh in men’s shot put with a throw of 14.88 meters. (Courtesy of CPP Athletic Department)

Flores places seventh at Pomona-Pitzer Invitational

With most of the track team being rested for future meets, the throwers headed to the Pomona-Pitzer Invitational.

Junior Gerardo Flores was the top performer for the Broncos, placing seventh in the men’s shot put with a throw of 14.88 meters.

“The throwers have so much potential to continue to do great things throughout the season,” assistant coach Joseph Blue said. “Our mission is to work hard and create a culture of throwing that CPP has never seen before, and it is starting to become more prevalent.”

Gerardo Flores finished seventh in men’s shot put with a throw of 14.88 meters. (Courtesy of CPP Athletic Department)

Freshman Aaron May placed eighth out of 44 throwers in the discus event with a throw of 46.90 meters, a new personal best.

Junior Ryan Peacock threw 45.17 meters on his third attempt and placed 10th. Flores placed 12th and threw 44.41 meters on his last attempt.

“Aaron May had a phenomenal day. He surpassed all of my expectations in the discus throw and also had his debut in the javelin in which we just started training for this year,” Blue said. “Honestly, it is hard to predict how well he will do because he always comes to the meets and does more of the unexpected.”

Freshman Miracle Maseuli placed 10th in women’s shot put and set a new personal record by throwing 11.86 meters on her second attempt. Junior Anela Miki-Han placed 14th and threw 11.62 meters on her second attempt. Freshman Ashley McBean placed 21st out of 34 throwers and threw 10.83 meters on her first attempt and also set a new personal record.

“Shot put has not been my best event this season, but I knew what I needed to do to get better and how I am going to do it,” Maseuli said. “I am slowly getting back to my technique and hitting correct positions.”

Peacock placed 20th and threw 12.99 meters on his last attempt.

“We are a new team that has helped turn our program around,” Flores said. “One of my primary focuses for the year was consistency in everything that I do.”

In women’s discus throw, Maseuli placed 24th out of 49 throwers with 37.22 meters as her best throw.

McBean finished at 27th with 36.40 meters on her second attempt. Miki-Han placed 30th and threw 34.87 meters on her first attempt.

“So far, my team and my coach has had a major impact with competing at the collegiate level. The support and leadership on this team is phenomenal,” Maseuli said. “Coming from high school and going into college, I knew that it was going to be a dramatic change with the work ethic and the mind sets in order to compete at a collegiate level.”

In women’s hammer throw, Miki-Han placed 28th out of 40 throwers and threw 35.96 meters on her fourth and last attempt. Freshman Avia Bateman placed just below her teammate at 29th and threw 35.31 meters.

Flores placed 17th out of 29 total throwers in men’s hammer throw and improved his personal best in this event with 40.15 meters as his best throw.

McBean placed 28th in women’s javelin throw with 26.04 meters as her final throw. May placed 13th in men’s javelin throw with 45.50 meters as his best throw.

“I hope that we can first win a conference title. Then have a large number of throwers qualify for the NCAA championship meet,” Flores said. “We have to continue to give our best effort every day and rise to the level I know we are capable of when the time comes.”

The team will head south this weekend to compete at the Triton Invitational hosted by UC San Diego.

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