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Disney, where did the magic go?

By Daniel Duque, Dec. 3, 2023

It has been 100 years since Disney was established as the number one animation and entertainment studio. Despite being loved by children and grown-ups, during recent years there has been a noticeable decline in the quality of its productions. 

After watching the short film “Once Upon a Studio,” which commemorates 100 years of the company, and seeing all those characters I grew up with, it made me remember when I was genuinely excited for every upcoming movie or show announced by Disney, whether it was animated or live-action, and when I begged my mom to take me to the movies to watch the newest film.

Disney is dying. I no longer see the love and passion animators and producers used to put toward the products;  that magic is missing. Now, finding any recent Disney movie that really teaches a valuable lesson is rare.

 It is disappointing to see how every other year they adapt the iconic classics into live-action movies that change multiple aspects that made the originals stand out.

My disappointment toward Disney became stronger after the release of the “Pinocchio” live-action movie released in September 2022.

The 1940 “Pinocchio” film is my favorite product from this studio. When the company announced a live-action adaptation late 2020, I was excited and curious to see how Disney would recreate my favorite scenes. 

I waited patiently and eagerly to watch this product, and when Sept. 8, 2022 finally came I was extremely disappointed with how poorly they executed this live-action adaptation.

In the classic “Pinocchio” film, the main character must learn the difference between good and evil through harsh punishments. This film taught us through  iconic scenes about the consequences of lying.

In the live-action, however, Disney made Pinocchio more aware of his surrroundings and toned down the punishments he received for his actions. It even contradicts the lesson about lying by having Pinocchio lie repeatedly to free himself from the cage he was locked in.

The problem with Disney’s live-action movies today is that producers alter the story of its animated counterparts, causing them to lose its charm.

Aside from “Pinocchio,” Disney announced a live-action adaptation of “Snow White,” Disney’s first ever animated film and one of the most beloved productions of the entertainment industry. 

Unfortunately, based on the teasers released and interviews with the cast and the production team, this live-action adaptation will remove the character of the prince and instead will provide Snow White a more empowered character, which was not part of the original animation.

If producers want to change the formula of the classics, why don’t they come up with new, original, creative and inclusive ideas for live-action movies instead of modifying already settled products?

Today, it seems that Disney is just focusing more on the quantity over the quality of its products.

Aside from the numerous live-action adaptations that we got in recent years and that don’t seem to cater to the public, I feel the same about Disney’s recent animated products.

I grew up with animated movies that form part of very special memories. Some of these include: “Cars,” “Meet the Robinsons,” “WALL-E,” “Wreck-it Ralph,” “Monsters, Inc.” and the first three “Toy Story” movies.

These movies had an engaging way of telling a story and leaving watchers with an important message. Focusing on the animation, soundtrack and storytelling, I could tell the producers and animators put a lot of passion in these films.

In recent years, I have not enjoyed most of Disney’s animated products. I feel that there is no magic put into them and they are just made to gain revenue rather than to satisfy the fans.

Aside from that, this movie lacked  the charm from the first three, and felt unecessary.

It’s not only “Toy Story 4.” I feel that the current animated products from Disney are longer engaging. I used to feel hyped whenever Disney announced a new animated film, now I wonder if it will even be worth watching.

After watching the trailer for Disney’s upcoming animated movie “Wish,” I felt interested based on its premise. I hope this film becomes a new opportunity for Disney to bring back the engaging stories we grew up with.

Where did all that magic go?

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