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Halloween is not the same

By Cesar Rivas, Oct. 24, 2023

October marks the beginning of the holiday season that continues into the later part of the year with the first major holiday being Halloween. 

Halloween is most popularly known for dressing up in costumes and kids going door to door at night saying “trick or treat” at their neighbors’ houses, looking to get the most candy possible by the end of the night.     

However,  since we are no longer the kids walking around the neighborhood with friends, going door to door and seeking out candy, Halloween isn’t as enjoyable as it once was.    

The past years I had to work the closing shift at my job, which  prevented many of us from going out.      

Let’s face it, Halloween is now just a holiday lacking the excitement.  

“I would say the biggest difference in Halloween now than as a kid is just the way you spend it,” said business management student Marco Martinez. “Back when I was younger it was all about the costumes and candy, but now it’s a good reason to get dressed up and go out with friends.”  

Jose A. Mosqueda | The Poly Post

As a kid, I remember loving Halloween. It always landed on a school day, which meant it was a short day and we didn’t do anything in class but watch a movie or participate in some sort of activity.    

Another great part of Halloween is trick-or-treating. The nostalgia of walking around the block or blocks just trying to stock up on as many Kit Kats, Starbursts and anything else neighbors passed out that would elevate your sugar levels.   

Then, the next day you  could take some of your candy to school and trade with everyone during break and lunch, while listening to everyone’s stories from the previous night.   

My family walked around with our next-door neighbor, as their oldest is the same age as me. Everyone had a good time, us kids racing from house to house while the parents followed shortly behind talking about anything and everything.    

“I remember I would go over to my cousin’s house, and we would walk around his block about  three times in different costumes just to get more candy,” said Martinez. 

Now, if I was to knock on someone’s door asking for candy, all I would probably be greeted with a confused stare, and most would likely ask, “Aren’t you a little too old to be trick-or-treating?”   

There are still a variety of ways as an adult to enjoy the spooky season on campus. I’m sure ASI will have some events lined up like in the past, like Bronco Fright Fest that is happening on Oct. 27. 

Another good way  students could engage into their Halloween spirits is by attending the 30th anniversary CPP Pumpkin Fest, which  opened Sept. 30  and will stay open through Oct. 29. With a Bronco ID students can enter for $8 on weekends and $5 on “Value Fridays.”  The Pumpkin Fest includes live music, Pumpkin Hill Farm Demostrations and much more.    

 If you were looking for something off campus, while going out with your friends, there’s a good chance that parties or bars you go to will have some sort costume contest, or they might even pass out candy. For example, Campsite Brewing Co. in Covina has been showing Halloween movies every Friday.   

Don’t get me wrong, Halloween is a great excuse to get dressed up and show your creativity with your costume. Or just order something off Amazon and go have a good time with your friends.  

The whole point of Halloween is just to have a good time. Whether you dress up, you’re on the hunt for the biggest candy bars or even just going out with some friends, it’s all about making memories one day you can look back on and smile. 

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