DNC and RNC: stuck between two terrible choices … yet again

With the conclusion of both the Democratic National Convention (DNC) and The Republican National Convention (RNC), the two parties have nominated former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump, respectively, as candidates for president of the United States. Both nominations have made something abundantly clear: Regardless of who wins the presidency in November, no one should expect the problems we’re dealing with now to go away. We aren’t going back to “normal” folks.

The Democrats spoke almost exclusively in empty platitudes, with nearly no mention of policy. They barely touched on healthcare (with virtually no mention of even the public option), actual police reform, climate policy or even how they were going to address the COVID-19 pandemic.

(Eddie Rangel | The Poly Post)

They traded the progressive wing of the party for “Never Trump” Republicans, who are not only an insignificant voting bloc, but also happen to support every single policy Democrats are supposedly against.

The RNC featured a wide cast of characters, delivering speeches that ranged from impassionate and deranged to repetitive and boring — all however, trying their best to convince Americans that everything is fine as the country spirals into chaos.

The Republicans repeatedly emphasized their love for rights such as freedom of speech, the power of the people and the importance of small government. That is of course, unless you, for example, disrespect the flag, exercise your right to expression and assembly, or protest police brutality.

In that case, Republicans are more than fine with sending unidentifiable federal agents into cities against the wishes of local and state officials, arresting protesters by black bagging them and throwing them into unmarked vehicles.

All the while, Republicans accused Joe Biden and the Democrats as being (contradictorily) “liberal Marxists” and puppets of the ‘radical left’ who want to defund the police and enact socialized medicine. If only that were true.

In reality, the Democratic ticket is helmed by the architect of the 1994 Crime Bill and the self-proclaimed “Top Cop of California” during the largest national protest movement against police brutality in U.S. history.

Biden has stated he not only doesn’t support defunding the police, but in fact, wants police to have even more funding, in addition to stating multiple times he would veto Medicare for All, even with the country in the midst of a pandemic.

The same pandemic has rendered 27 million Americans unemployed and killed 180,000 Americans – all under Trump.

Democrats are proving to be willfully inadequate for this moment. The DNC was supposed to be where Democrats utilized their largest platform and most popular speakers to explain exactly how they were going to “Build Back Better.” Instead, they     focused on how much better this country was and could be, which doesn’t really help the Americans suffering before, during and after Trump’s presidency.

Republicans, on the other hand, are seemingly hellbent on exacerbating the current crisis (of which they played a large role in causing), and then pretending that significant progress has been made as conditions continue to worsen.

This isn’t to say that both sides are the same or that nothing matters so we shouldn’t vote. But it is to say that we are, yet again, left with no good options.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter who wins; we’re either fighting for our lives under Trump or for a better future under Biden. Either way, we’re going to have to fight.

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    Brandon Delannoy

    Remember, this is just the author’s biased opinion and in no way speaks for or represents our campus in any way.

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    You obviously didn’t pay attention during the RNC convention as you must have had a bias view point from the beginning. It is obvious that the RNC convention rendered a positive approach. No where in my life time have we been faced with a pandemic of this magnitude. Yet you seem to blame it on our President who has worked tirelessly to help our country against the attacks of the Democratic party who is taking advantage of this tragedy. The Republican party has never in any way exacerbated this crisis! Ludicrous! The Democrats wont even denounce the evil that is going on. Yet blame it on the conservative. It is absolutely evident that the party that loves this country are the Republicans and I will be voting for them this year! You need to post facts in your writing because you discredit yourself when you don’t.

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    Hey Nicolas,

    This was a great read. We are definitely not going back to the old normal after this crisis. It’s a shame that the Democrats are not adapting common sense policies like Medicare for All during a global pandemic. It really shows how much influence the pharmaceutical industry has in our political process. I have some friends on campus who are trying to continue the momentum and vision that Sanders started. If you are at all interested, send me an email via hypotheticalmints@gmail.com.

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    Brandon Delannoy

    Everyone has their right to an opinion yet this campus is required by law to stay neutral in politics. For your information I’ve been a Trump supporter since day one and I still am so nice job reading into nothing.

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    Brandon Delannoy

    Unless that was a comment not aimed at me then yeah actually nice job.

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