Students need more bike racks on campus

There are several students and faculty members who use bikes and other means of transportation to get around campus.

One issue that some students who ride bikes have been facing is the lack of bike racks on campus. There just aren’t enough. Oftentimes they are full, leaving students in a panic, not knowing where to lock up their ride. Students are using other objects on school property to secure their bike or scooter, such as gates or trees. 

This is a problem because it can cause minor destruction to school property and the bikes can get in the way where they are not supposed to be. 

The bike rack was completely full at the entrance of Building 9 on Tuesday, Feb. 25 during U-hour. (Carla Ghafari | The Poly Post)

Bike racks are an essential item to have on campus because of how many people use their bikes or scooters to get around. Many students and faculty use them on a daily basis. Using bikes, scooters or skateboards are the fastest, most efficient way for one to get around school. 

Therefore, bike racks are the most suitable option when it comes to keeping your bike or scooter safe when not being used. Bike racks can be found all around campus, but there need to be more. 

Good thing there is a newly developed skateboard rack in front of the new Centerpointe Dining Commons. 

Nathen Lewis, a fifth-year animal science student, uses his bike to get around campus on a daily basis. “I have used the bike racks on campus quite a bit over the past couple years,” says Lewis. “I do find that there is not enough space at the racks, especially near a busy place such as the Marketplace. So it definitely would be nice to see many more around campus.” 

Lewis also said there needs to be more bike racks that are closer to different buildings on campus, such as Parking Structure 1. 

There are a couple bike racks that are larger in size, allowing for more bikes and scooters to be secured. 

There are larger racks that can fit more than six bikes near Building 17, Building 9 and a few new ones near the Student Services Building. 

The rest of the racks are smaller in size, allowing only four to six bikes to park and be locked up. 

On the CPP website, under transportation services, you can find a variety of helpful information about bike racks and bike tracks on and around campus, including bike safety tips that will make your travels around CPP easier and safer.

Not many people may know this, but there is a bike cage in Parking Structure 2 where students can lock up their bikes for free overnight or during the day. It is available 24/7 to students and faculty. You must have a Bronco ID to access this service. 

For more information about this helpful assistance, visit CPP Rideshare. 

This bike cage is closest to the Kellogg Arena and Bronco Recreational Intramural Complex. What about the rest of campus?

Bike racks are essential to have on campus, but we need more. This will lessen the number of bikes and scooters being locked to gates and other objects that are not meant to secure your bike. 

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