High school students need four years of math

When I was in high school, I was glad I pushed myself to keep taking math classes until my senior year. The reason for that was because all those dreadful years of taking math paid off.

(Eduardo Rangel | The Poly Post)

When I went to college, I started at the college level, which helped me get through the semesters easier.

Most students who think math is a waste of time while in high school don’t realize the hardship they will put on themselves in the long run.

High school math goes from pre-algebra to calculus. Faculty and school board members recommend students take math all four years to keep the momentum going, according to the National College Fairs.

Students in high school may be required to take math all four years instead of three years.

I agree with this method because it will help keep things fresh in their young minds and will help them score higher on the math placement test for college. I know way too many people who did the bare minimum in high school and had to pay for it when they got to college.

Listen people, you have to pay even more money to take classes that won’t count as units up until you reach college level.

It is as if money went down the drain. After hitting the requirement for math, that was money that could have been saved for something else— such as a parking pass, books, clothes or even food.

Anyways, not only did some of the people I know not start at the college level, but they started at the way bottom and had to take three to four classes before reaching college level.

Plus, the classes they had to take that weren’t college level weren’t transferable.

At this point, I’ve had friends that joke about dropping out of school and becoming strippers because they struggled in math.

Some people that attend a community college have a hard time transferring out within a reasonable time because they are behind in math.

Mathematics is a difficult subject for a lot of people and 21% who do not pass college- level math courses discontinue their education, according to the Community College Review. When students do not take math seriously in high school it affects them in college and it is unfortunate because sometimes students have finished all their other classes but math.

Those who did not take all four years of math in high school may regret every moment of it when they go to college.

High school students should take all four years of math and once they decide to go to college, math should be one of the first classes that gets done before anything else.

Math could be a pre-requisite just to take another course. Depending on the path the student has chosen, they will need more or less math courses in college.

I get that math can be intolerable at times for students, but if students do not take math within their first semester in college, they will regret it.

However, students who take math all four years have a better chance in scoring higher on the SAT than those who do the bare minimum of three years.

In general, math will help in the long run with learning how to do taxes, maintaining a budget and figuring things out in the real world. Everyone deals with numbers every day without realizing it, so you might as well get familiar with different tactics to strengthen your knowledge.

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