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BRIC offers makeup memberships for COVID-affected semesters

By Ryan Ramirez, Oct.16, 2023

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cal Poly Pomona students transitioned to online learning, leaving behind the campus and its amenities for an indeterminate period, but now some of those missed experiences can now be recouped. 

CPP and the Bronco Recreation and Intramural Complex are extending an opportunity to eligible students and alumni to obtain a BRIC COVID Closure Credit membership, compensating for the period they were unable to utilize it during online semesters. 

“They would have full access to everything in the gym, just like they would in a normal membership,” said Sam Hua, a member services attendant for the BRIC. “It would honor the membership fee they already paid for during COVID, but they were not able to use.”  

Eligibility for this offer hinges on three criteria: The student must have been enrolled as a CPP student during summer 2020, fall 2020 or spring 2021, maintained good academic standing and incurred the ASI Facilities & Operations Fee during these semesters, according to ASI’s website. 

The presence of the BRIC on campus provides a convenient location for exercise and workouts for students and has perks that separates itself from any other gym, according to Ashton Cornell, a public relations student at CPP. 

The BRIC’s iconic rock wall stands tall waiting for participants. | ASI

“Honestly, I don’t think I would have gone to the gym ever if it wasn’t for the BRIC, and the gym has helped me in so many ways,” Cornell said. “On top of just helping me feel better, it also is nice that it is on campus and provided by the school, which helps financially a lot more than one would expect.” 

The BRIC offers many benefits that students were not able to take advantage of, and some of those students may not have been able to see it reopen due to graduating during the online semesters. Because of this, the offer extends not only to current students who attended CPP during those semesters but also to alumni who were enrolled during this period. 

“I really appreciate CPP and the BRIC also offering this opportunity to alumni,” said CPP alum Chris Martinez (mechanical engineer, ’21). “They could have easily just moved on from the topic, but they are working to fulfill what we should have had during that difficult time. This could also help me a lot financially as I love working out at the gym, but sometimes struggle financially and things other than a gym membership take priority.” 

Students or alumni uncertain about their eligibility can refer to the CPP ASI website . Anyone meeting the criteria can redeem the BC3 membership in person at the BRIC until June 30, 2030. 

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