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CPP divided on the validity of recent alien uncovering in Mexico City

By Noel Sanchez & Jose Hernandez, October 3, 2023

Unidentified Flying Object expert Jaime Maussan has become a controversial figure in the eyes of Cal Poly Pomona students as he approached the Congress of Mexico earlier this month to disclose two biological corpses, insisting “the non-human beings are not part of our terrestrial evolution.”

Mass coverage of the hearing soon followed as the world was shocked to find Maussan was sharing such findings while testifying under oath the corpses are over 1,000 years old and  30% of their DNA is unknown. Michael Pham, newly named research associate of Bronco Space, is hesitant to trust Maussan’s claims due to research from United States government experts.

“Fact checkers have reached the conclusion that it probably is a hoax of some sort,” said Pham. “I still think it’s an interesting conversation starter. The government is researching UAP’s, an unidentified aerial phenomenon. There’s obviously a lot of renewed interest, could there be visitors from other worlds? I personally haven’t seen enough compelling evidence to certainly know there’s life from other worlds. NASA just released their report about their study of UAP’s stating about 80% are explainable, leaving 10-20% of the sightings without explanation.”

The U.S. held a congressional UFO hearing in July where former U.S. military and intelligence officials shared their similar beliefs on how the government is discreet about the quantity of knowledge they have on extraterrestrial life. Maussan’s testimony before the Congress of Mexico came with actual evidence but has been viewed in a contrasting light.

The physical body found in this excavation resembled a mummified-tiny body of an unexplainable type of creature. The size is the most compelling aspect of the object, along with the grail-like substance it contains. The torso’s shape appears to look exceedingly pencil thin, also there are boney indentations repeating themselves in the ribcage section. The head-shape is also showing an elongated type of skull with squinty shaped eye sockets. The hips also appear to look immensely attenuated. Lastly, the hand’s shape is noticeably elongated. This peculiar emergence leaves many opinions up to interpretation.

Noel Sanchez | The Poly Post

Pham plays a major role in helping Bronco Space work toward their ultimate goal of traveling to outer space and building the proper technology to get there. He is well-aware new findings take place every day but wonders if all information is being shared by the government to the public.

“We live in a time where trust in the government is trending lower and lower,” said Pham. “We’re past the point where we as citizens can just blindly trust what the government tells us. There are still a lot of great people who work in the government who have the best interest in the people, there has to be a balance with your own understanding of the world and also trusting the people you put in power.”

Maussan does have a history of deep-faking alien preservations and sharing them with the world so other scientists from the United States, Germany and England are not sold on his latest testimony. He has not made his findings available for other countries to study, so they wonder if he has modified “mummified children” to resemble society’s perception of what aliens look like.

Chris Mendoza, finance student , is keeping an open mind with Maussan’s claims despite the criticism he has received from other experts. Mendoza believes the scientific world may be fearful of such discoveries being real and automatically dispute his reports as an instinct.

“Some scientists just may not be ready to accept that other intelligent life forms are among us,” said Mendoza. “You never know what can happen, the day may come where extraterrestrial life discovers us or we discover them, and life will never be the same. The thought of it is very interesting and head agencies may just want to protect the public from panicking. This is a scarier thought in reality.”

Maussan remained persistent throughout his testimony before the Congress of Mexico and on top of his sharing of unknown corpses, he also shared footage of what he described to be a high-powered Unidentified Flying Object moving at speeds that defied laws of physics.

CPP’s Bronco Space program has sent numerous satellites and to space during their years of technological development. When asked if he believes it’s possible for extraterrestrial life forms to conduct interstellar travel, Pham pointed out some interesting discoveries in recent history.

“What makes this discovery unique is that methane and carbon dioxide were discovered around other atmospheres, which can be indicators of life. Carbon dioxide and methane can be made in other ways, without life,” said Pham. “What’s even more interesting is scientists believe they’ve detected dimethyl-sulfide. This chemical is only produced by living organisms (at least on Earth). No known source of this isn’t from a living creature, it’s not something that occurs naturally.”

Pham echoes the countless time Bronco Space has spent researching what it takes to reach the outer areas of Earth’s atmosphere. With these new findings being presented by Maussan, it potentially opens up new doors for CPP members to consider going through as they help the program on its journey.

However, the 70-year-old ufologist has been requested to take a number of proactive steps in order to gain the trust of others.

Due to Maussan having a history of deep-faking alien preservations, David Spergel, chair of NASA’s Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena study team, continues to request Maussan to make his findings public so other qualifying scientists can verify his claims.

“When you have unusual things, you want to make data public,” Spergel told “I think of it as, NASA has one of the most valuable samples from outer space, lunar rocks. What do we do? We make them available to any scientists who want to work on this.”

Maussan has provided new evidence of biological beings the world has never seen before. However, in order for the rest of the world to truly believe him, they are asking to be granted the same access that allowed him to make what could be one of science’s greatest discoveries.

CPP students remain conflicted over whether or not Maussan findings should be taken seriously. For any updates on the discoveries, students can go to and

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