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CPP undergraduate students prepare for second annual Journal of Ethics, Policy and Social Justice.

By Lann Nguyen, Feb. 14, 2023

The Philosophy Department is preparing for the release of the second annual Undergraduate Journal of Ethics, Policy and Social Justice.  

The opportunity to work on the journal helps students to prepare for the heavy research that comes as being a graduate student and to showcase their work as undergraduates. 

“I think the journal is important because it offers a pathway for students to want to pursue grad school,” said political science student Asheley Wang. It gives them a good opportunity to write about their passion and interest. Not only that, I think it encourages students to pursue their interests.” 

Wang had interest in philosophical issues which led her to strengthen her critical thinking and writing skills as an associate editor for the journal.  

Cory Aragon, an associate professor for Cal Poly Pomona’s Philosophy Department heads the team as the primary advisor and managing editor of the journal, which is a stepping stone to a larger conversation about philosophical and ethical ideas. 

“We’re so excited to build on the momentum from the first journal,” said Aragon. 

This journal serves as another outlet for students’ voices to be heard and provides a space for novel ideas related to ethics, policy and social justice according to Ryan Mendoza, psychology student and executive editor for the journal. 

“I believe that we are responsible for initiating change within an institution and that’s up to the actions of students to make their voices be heard and to share their visions of a more unified society where progress serves to benefit future life learners,” said Mendoza. 

Structured as a professional journal, submissions go through a double anonymous review process. Editors read the paper for the argument and see it for what it is and are looking for a clearer line of reasoning that supports the thesis, assessing the scholarship rooted in leadership through these professional level reviews according to Aragon. 

Lann Nguyen | The Poly Post

The submission process is quite rigorous and while expectations of argumentation don’t have to be fully developed there is an expectation of original and high-quality work. 

Wang is working on her submission about reproductive rights, particularly the effects of the overturn of Roe v. Wade. This is just one example of a wide range of topics relating to ethics and social justice that may be considered for the journal. 

“I would like to see more issues covered regarding political issues, environmental design and chemical runoff for instance,” said Mendoza.  

Any topic relating to social justice and philosophical art pieces with a contemporary view is welcomed according to Mendoza. 

“Seeing more submissions from outside of philosophy majors will widen the scope and from a variety of fields,” said Aragon. “A lot of my students are looking for ways to make the world a better place.”  

He has aspirations for the continued building of Mia Miller’s work, a philosophy student who created the journal, as far as the future direction of the journal. He hopes to see more submissions from all majors outside of the College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences to expand the scope. 

This student-run journal emphasizes CPP’s polytechnic way of “learn by doing” by being hands-on and pushing students to go above and beyond in order to have better success in future endeavors.  

All students are encouraged to submit their work because every submission is reviewed, and feedback is offered regardless of publication. 

The journal is open to undergraduate students from any higher education institution, any year and any major. It allows for any topic rooted in social justice issues that have a philosophical view. 

The journal serves to be a platform for student expression as well as an academic opportunity to get work published.  

The student-run research journal has extended the deadline for submissions until Feb. 19. 

The journal can be found on Cal Poly Pomona’s philosophy website as well as any additional information on the past journal and how to submit papers. 

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