Students share their thoughts on the reopening of University Drive

By Emily Montano, Jan. 31, 2023

University Drive on campus has officially reopened after being closed the entire fall semester, much to the pleasure of the campus community. Students at Cal Poly Pomona share their thoughts on the reopening. 

Jonathan Toscano | political science student  

“I think it’s more convenient that it’s open now. I remember the construction happening when I was coming to summer school and it was kind of inconvenient because I would have to go all the way around but other than that I’m glad it’s open.” 

Kaylie Merrill | early childhood studies student 

“It’s a relief that it’s open. It was a big struggle because I always use that road and I park in lots J and M, so it’s nice that it’s open, but it was still kind of congested today but it’s better than nothing.” 

Alexandra Alvarez | environmental biology student  

“I hated that it was closed last semester, it literally ruined my semester because I had to go all the way around instead of just going straight and getting off the freeway, so I think now that it’s open it has really improved my commute drastically by just cutting time. At least I don’t have to go all the way around through the streets.” 

Andrew Hembree | mechanical engineering student 

“Well, last semester obviously there was more traffic to deal with and it was just harder to navigate through school. I usually park in the parking structure and that would always be super backed up. So far this semester I’ve seen improvement and I’m not getting as much of a headache with traffic.”  

Andre Perez | mechanical engineering student 

“I think just the traffic, it’s basically impossible to get to the J lot over there without using University Drive and it was always backed up everywhere else because of it, so now that it’s open it’s nice to have less traffic.” 

Elizabeth Juarez | electrical engineering student 

“It was hard just because it would back up from the off-ramp that’s right at Campus Drive, so it was hard to get into the parking lot because everyone was trying to go around, so now it’s a lot easier so I can go straight into the F-1 parking lot and it’s not backed up.”  

Francisco Benavides | plant science student 

“Last semester I definitely had to plan ahead more because I had to go around campus through the other way, but now that it’s open I save, like, 10 minutes probably just going straight through University Drive.” 

Awnisti Arjona | animal science pre-vet 

“I had to leave a lot earlier to get here especially since I live an hour away, so it was hard to find parking and there were a lot of detours, so it really interrupted my schedule. Using University Drive is better for me because I used to have to go all the way around Campus Drive and Temple so it’s easier for me to access the campus off Kellogg, so it’s better now.”  

Siena Pedrini | liberal studies student 

“I think I just had to overestimate how much time I needed to get to class, so I had to leave like an hour early which was really frustrating so now I get to sleep in later which is really the best part about it. I work out usually at the end of the day, so I mostly use the parking structure behind the gym, so University Drive gives me that shortcut through campus which really helps.” 

Marcanthony Lara | history student 

“There’s usually less traffic on the main road on that side so I’m not late to class anymore. Another thing is dropping off my little brother at iPoly, that was a huge problem because the road would be all backed up on that side, so instead of people going around they’re going through the same parking structure and the parking structure would always be full.” 

Feature image by Mateo Lopez

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