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ASI’s new resolution in solidarity with CPP’s Iranian community

By Connie Lee, Nov. 22, 2022

During the seventh ASI Board of Directors meeting of the fall semester, the resolution to stand in solidarity with Cal Poly Pomona’s Iranian Community was provided by ASI Attorney General Maria Pia Matos and approved unanimously by the ASI Rules and Policies Committee on Nov. 17.

On Sept. 13, Mahsa Amini was arrested by Tehran police for incorrect attire and was tortured in the police van after her arrest. Amini was struck in the head by the police resulting in her death after resorting to a coma on Sept. 16.

President Coley published a statement conveying her solidarity on the situation.

“Cal Poly Pomona joins universities around the world in expressing solidarity with the women of Iran and for the rights of women across the globe,” said Coley. “Though this expression of unity, we affirm the dignity inherent in each of us and recognize the sacrifices made by all those fighting for freedom and against oppression.”

According to Pia Matos, ASI Attorney General, the main goal of the resolution is to raise awareness within the CPP Iranian community regarding Iran’s ongoing conflict and make sure that students are being heard and supported by the school.

“ASI stands in solidarity with Cal Poly Pomona Iranian students and endorses President Coley’s statement of solidarity with students, faculty, staff, and alumni affected by the crisis in Iran,” said Matos in the resolution.

The incident in Iran has caused protests and demonstrations for the community to voice their words for the Iranian people.

Image courtesy of Craig Melville

“I am one of the supporters of this resolution and I am an Iranian American, so this has personally affected me seeing that a lot of people in my country are women, children and men who are fighting for their right to have freedom,” said ASI CLASS Senator, Raneen Vace. “I am feeling enraged and upset but I am also feeling hope that this is a time for change and there are so many people that are willing to support this change and people that are fighting for their lives essentially so I see this, although everything has been tragic, and it should not have happened.”

In support of Iran, Vace projected an idea to paint the CPP letters with the Iranian flag to express CPP’s stance in supporting the Iranian community on campus.

“We love hearing from students so any time they see an issue, or they see something they feel we would love to hear from them,” said ASI Vice President, Daniel Foncello.

In support of the resolution, the time of preparing the resolution took roughly two months. During the time of preparing the resolution, supporters of the resolution took time to collect correct information and know the progression of events that were happening.

Information on the latest ASI meeting and its final resolution can be found on the ASI website and those wishing to view the next ASI Board of directors Meeting can do so Dec. 8 in England Evans room or via Zoom.

Feature image courtesy of Craig Melville