Students share thoughts on Russia-Ukraine conflict

By Ana Salgado, Mar. 22, 2022

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which has been going on for almost a month, has prompted U.S. actions like sanctions and a ban on oil and energy imports from Russia. Global attention on the conflict has left the whole world questioning what will happen next.

Students shared their thoughts with The Poly Post regarding the ongoing invasion.

Ana Salgado | The Poly Post

Annaya Leakes | management and human resources student

“It feels surreal going about our normal lives while people in Ukraine are having their world turned upside down losing family, pets and their homes.”






Ana Salgado | The Poly Post

Dante Benitez | undeclared student

“It feels like they shouldn’t do this. Wars are in the past; we shouldn’t be causing harm especially during these times. It’s unfair for both the Ukraine and Russia. They need help; Ukraine is alone. I haven’t seen the U.S. pitch in as of right now.”





Ana Salgado | The Poly Post

Inmaa Hafeez | urban and regional planning student

“I feel numb; those are my people getting hurt — I feel like its World War III. We have been going through so much, a lot of things like the pandemic and fires, we are a lot removed from it, but we have to remember we have privilege. Even if we get involved, inflation is going to happen. Remembering my privilege. It’s terrible but it has been going on for years. It doesn’t hit home for many because of skin color. I saw this post a while back about it doesn’t matter until it has to do with ‘light skin color’ and that is impactful.”



Ana Salgado | The Poly Post

Jalen Chevalier | biology student

“It’s not necessary conflict — I wish we can come together as a community and promote peace. That’s what we need.”







Ana Salgado | The Poly Post

Sara Rearick | biotechnology student

“I think it’s terrible. There is something definitely wrong with the leader of Russia. It’s just terrible. My heart mourns; I pray for them. I just could not imagine going through that. I find it terrible that they are keeping men at war. It’s sad how nobody can overstep in — people are fighting for their lives, culture and their loved ones.”




Ana Salgado | The Poly Post

Christopher Basulto | English student

“War is bad and we should never resort to bombing people to resolve problems and that goes for all countries, the U.S. included.”






Ana Salgado | The Poly Post

Viviana Ortiz | civil engineering student

“Honestly, it feels like it’s not real just because we see Russia so far away but one day it can possibly hit us during work. Also, how society would change is a surreal thought, how drastic change would happen, so unexpected like the pandemic we never thought would make such a change in our everyday lives and it did.”





Ana Salgado | The Poly Post

Mark Barros | computer science student

“It’s an unfortunate situation and I hope it doesn’t escalate. My heart goes out to the 2 million plus refugees.”







Ana Salgado | The Poly Post

Priscilla Vargas Pena | accounting student

“It’s unfortunate that many of us downplay what is occurring between Ukraine and Russia and continue to do so until it affects us. At the beginning of this conflict, we had and still have inappropriate jokes of there being a World War III. Today we see the inflation rate is the highest it’s been in 40 years and solely because of this people are starting to take this issue more seriously, when it should have been taken seriously in the first place as the lives of many innocent Ukrainians were going to be taken away in this unethical war. This war has come to show the worst in us.”



Ana Salgado | The Poly Post

Isaiah Pagdanganan | mechanical engineering student

“I think because of social media, the seriousness of the situation, people use handles to use information and take it as a joke. I think people take it serious sometimes and sometimes don’t, so much lack of information—I acknowledge its serious and I hope it gets better for everybody.”




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