LA County lifts mask mandate; students share mixed opinions

By Anais Hernandez, Mar. 15, 2022

Cal Poly Pomona’s Safer Return Task Force announced that students will be required to continue masking indoors until March 25, before the start of spring break. The campus announcement follows Los Angeles County lifting its mask mandate, giving people the option to stop masking in indoor spaces.

Although campus community members are still required to use face masks indoors, students shared their thoughts with The Poly Post on whether they will continue to mask once it’s no longer a requirement on campus and how they feel overall with the county’s decision.

Anais Hernandez | The Poly Post

Kiana Yao | computer science student

“I feel like it’s too early, like it’s not time yet for masks to be lifted. I want to keep wearing my mask because I don’t feel like it’s safe yet not to wear a mask. Even in my day-to-day life, I still like to sanitize everything, including groceries. I have parents that I don’t want to get sick — and getting sick at this point, especially with COVID, can push back school and your entire life and I cannot afford that.”




Anais Hernandez | The Poly Post

Jisell Matamoros | pre-veterinary student

“If I’m out in public and let’s say like there’s no people around, I’ll obviously take off my mask, but if it’s more populated, I’ll keep my mask on. I still feel like we should kind of continue to wear masks around just for safety reasons — just for the health of others.”





Anais Hernandez | The Poly Post

Audrey Victorio | English student

“I’m still wearing a mask on campus. When I’m by myself, I won’t wear it or like when I go hiking, and no one’s around me. But in public spaces, I’ll mask.”






Anais Hernandez | The Poly Post

Iram Rahman | civil engineering student

“I mean, I’m going to continue still to mask because like we’re not fully out of the situation yet; it’s changing every day, so I’m still going to wear it. A new variant can come out, and people still die, so I think you should still wear it until it’s for certain that it’s safe to take it off.”





Anais Hernandez | The Poly Post

Sheryl Reyes | civil engineering student

“I’m going to continue to mask because, of course, the variants are going to keep on mutating and a lot of people have died, so I feel like I know they want it to be like normal again, but it’s still too early because we don’t know when COVID is going to stop and how many mutants there can be.”





Anais Hernandez | The Poly Post

Osasuna Osawe | chemistry student

“I think it’s really reckless just because people have died. Them releasing (lifting) the mandate and everything is a little disrespectful to just the people that have been greatly affected by this pandemic. Personally, I’m going to wear a mask. I’m not too worried about getting sick personally, but it’s just respectful to other people that are more at risk.”





Anais Hernandez | The Poly Post

Valerie Carachure | criminology student

“I think the mandate has been on for about two years and I think we could take it down and get rid of it. I just think once there’s a certain amount of people in a really small area, we should be wearing them, but at this point, I think we don’t have to. I’m not going to wear them anymore. As long as you’re boosted and have all your vaccines, you should be good.”




Anais Hernandez | The Poly Post

Magdalene Burgess | plant science student

“Personally, since I live in the dorm rooms, I think it would be safer for me to continue wearing my mask, seeing as we all live together, and we share a common space. I feel like if people are walking around campus as long as they’re like spaced out, I think it’s fine to take your mask off, but maybe in a classroom where there’s like lots and lots of people, then it might be a little safer and smarter to wear your mask.”




Anais Hernandez | The Poly Post

William Prigge | computer science student

“I can see why it was lifted. I don’t want to, you know, be dreadful for a week or two just cause some dude said not to wear it and get sick. Omicron has died down quite a bit, and most people have been pretty safe, and the numbers have been going down, so I think it’s reasonable that the mandate is being lifted. I personally will continue to mask, but I can understand why other people would stop.”




Anais Hernandez | The Poly Post

Christopher Torres | political science student

“I think it is irresponsible that they were lifted so soon because cases are still relatively high in comparison to where they were a year ago. I will be wearing my mask, but I think it’s up to a person to choose whether or not they think it’s a good choice.”





Anais Hernandez | The Poly Post

Erica Gonzalez | psychology student

“I think it was a good idea made based off of the rates since they’re seeing the rates go down. I don’t think I’ll wear one inside, maybe if it’s like super packed somewhere, but for example, in the library, there’s plenty of space, and if I took down my mask, I don’t think I would be really in danger. If you’re scared, then you should put your mask on. A lot of people are vaccinated, so there’s extra protection.”




Feature image courtesy of Mika Baumeister

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