Students share mixed opinions on campus welcome

By Jessica Cuevas and Sanjana Rajagopal, Mar. 8, 2022

Returning to campus after two years of mostly remote instruction and a three-week return to remote learning has taken Cal Poly Pomona students some getting used to. Students shared their thoughts with The Poly Post on whether the campus environment has been welcoming or if it has been the same as being online.

Amiko Villegas | nutrition student  

“Yes, I find it very welcoming. It’s nice to have everyone around; seeing all the clubs open up and stuff has been really nice. Professors have been great, and definitely gave us a chance to meet all of our classmates. Super helpful from transitioning from online to in person.”




Heather Schutle | regenerative studies student

“Sort of. It’s because everything is still closed and restrictive; there are signs that say ‘welcome back’ but like not really. The main one for me is the gym because half of it is closed and I can’t use the machines.”





Samantha Cheng | psychology student

“Yeah, I think so. I feel like the people are more talkative and willing to start a conversation and a sense of community with all students instead of being isolated, putting themselves out there and saying, ‘hi.’”





Vaibhavi Jhawar | computer science student

“I think campus has been welcoming and inviting because of events like club rush week which has let students have the opportunity to rush and meet new people.”





Harshita Dabir | engineering student

“I have felt extremely welcomed coming back to campus this year because most students now have in-person classes this semester and professors have been more lenient and supportive with all my peers. Along with this, the Village staff and housing services have been incorporating a lot of game nights so that we could mingle with everybody else here and just feel a part of the community.”



Sadaf Sharif | theatre student

“Personally, I think I can say that I’ve found the campus to be welcoming since we’ve come back. In the theatre department, it’s wonderful to be greeted by all my professors and classmates and to feel that my presence, as well as the presence of my peers, is valued and treasured.”




Jessica Leung | computer information systems student

“Yes, and in-person club activities finally being face to face has helped make clubs more interactive. The atmosphere has made it easier for students to feel included and welcome and we can finally actually see everyone.”





Melody Sanchez | international business and accounting student

“I think yes, just because so many people were excited to come back to campus and a lot more clubs are back to in-person meetings. A club I was in my first year, the tennis club, went kind of inactive because of the pandemic, but they came back last Friday, and a lot of people joined it and went to the first practice they held.”



Feature image by Jessica Cuevas

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