By Lauren Chavez, Feb. 22, 2022

Following a three-week stint of virtual learning to start the semester, most Cal Poly Pomona students returned to campus on Feb. 12. During the first week back on Cal Poly Pomona grounds, students shared their thoughts with The Poly Post on how they feel about the in-person component.

Lauren Chavez | The Poly Post

Kalani Hooks | hospitality student “I’m actually happy to be back; it gets me out of my room and I’m not inside anymore. I kind of missed being outside surrounded by people.”







Lauren Chavez | The Poly Post

Kiana Jokar | political science student “Honestly, it’s really overwhelming. I’m new to campus so last semester was my first time, and everything was on Zoom, so now that I’m actually on campus, it feels weird. I didn’t really get a tour or a proper in-person orientation, so I wish the school did something about transfer students and it’s been kind of hard navigating the campus as well as parking. I’ve just been adjusting and it’s overwhelming especially when you don’t know the faculty really well. But everyone’s really nice so it’s cool to be back but at the same time, it’s kind of nerve wracking. I’ve been nervous all week.”



Lauren Chavez | The Poly Post

Alex Hamedaninia | mathematics student “It’s kind of weird. I’m on my fifth year so the last few years have been virtual, and I’m on my last semester. It’s nice to be back on campus, but it’s also really weird because, for example, I timed myself really bad today because I forgot to consider the commute time. So, it’s kind of weird.”





Lauren Chavez | The Poly Post

Basem Farah | electrical and computer engineering student “I’m not really excited to be honest. I’m looking forward to being back in person, but it’s tough you know. Waking up early and stuff like you have to get used to it again.”







Lauren Chavez | The Poly Post

Aydenn Aquino | history pre-credential student “It’s really different because I’m a second year and this is my first time I’m actually seeing campus with people and it feels pretty exciting, and as long as everyone takes the right precautions. I hope everything goes smoothly because I really do like having this life to campus.”






Lauren Chavez | The Poly Post

Toni Childs | biology student “It’s pretty exciting. After two years, I haven’t been on campus and it’s just been amazing. I’m finally able to talk with my peers, be there and connect really, and I felt like Zoom wasn’t really able to do that. Another thing that I wanted to mention is that I felt like I wasn’t having the college experience; I was paying to be on Zoom basically and that’s not what I wanted to pay for.”





Lauren Chavez | The Poly Post

Brennan Velasquez | business marketing student “I’m kind of excited. It’s my last semester anyway so I was wanting to end off in person rather than being online. Also, it’s cool because everything is open again like the gym. I don’t know, even though we started taking precautions and stuff, it feels like everybody’s doing their part in being safe, getting their vaccines hopefully and getting tested.”





Lauren Chavez | The Poly Post

Dana Rodriguez | early childhood studies student “I feel kind of overwhelmed just because most of my professors that were in person changed it to online every other week or every three weeks or once a month so now my whole schedule is thrown off.”






Lauren Chavez | The Poly Post

Lia Paguio | science, technology and society student “I was expecting the return to campus to be overwhelming, but I actually had a pretty good first day, first week actually. I’ve missed going to class, walking and being surrounded by people, so it feels really nice and being in a classroom learning face-to-face is always better than online.”





Lauren Chavez | The Poly Post

Rona Essayli | civil engineering student “I’m really excited about being here given that I haven’t been on a campus for two years because of COVID. My senior year of high school I wasn’t able to go, so it’s really nice seeing everyone on campus.”






Feature image by Andre Davancens

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