Students discuss 3-week return to online instruction

By Shannon Hernandez, Feb. 1, 2022

As announced in January, the first three weeks of Cal Poly Pomona’s spring semester will be held primarily online until Feb. 12. Students still have access to study spaces and other facilities on campus with extended hours.

Students shared their thoughts with The Poly Post on the three-week setback to a primarily in-person return.

Shannon Hernandez | The Poly Post

Adrien Gibson | theatre student

“It’s a little weird learning through Zoom full time, but I feel like it’s necessary with everything going on. I can’t wait for us to return because I prefer in-person, because I learn better that way, but this is a necessary setback we needed to do to take our part in trying to help this pandemic end.”





Shannon Hernandez | The Poly Post

Karen Islas | food science student

“I think it’s good because a lot of people aren’t vaccinated yet and others don’t want to get vaccinated. If so many people still don’t get the vaccine, then for our safety I think we should stay online.”






Shannon Hernandez | The Poly Post

Gessell Rivera | criminology student

“I was really looking forward to coming on campus because it would be my first time and I am a bit disappointed, but hopefully by Feb. 11 we get an announcement for us to return.”






Shannon Hernandez | The Poly Post

Hector Montalvo | apparel merchandising student

“At first I was a bit bummed out because I know I learn better in an in-person setting because it feels more like school rather than being online. I get easily distracted when I have class online, but now, I like the idea of being online since I am at the comfort of my apartment. Overall, I still prefer to be in-person.”





Shannon Hernandez | The Poly Post

Joseline Reyes | animal science student

“I’m bummed because I wanted to come back, but in a way, I feel like I’m already used to being online, so these three weeks feel like a backup. I hope for us to come back to campus because I didn’t really like being online.”






Shannon Hernandez | The Poly Post

Melanie De La Hoya | animal health science student

“For my major, we had an exception to be on campus, so all my labs are in person, which is great, but my lecture classes are online which I’m fine with, but I hope we’re back to campus full time.”






Shannon Hernandez | The Poly Post

Erika Vargas | civil engineering student

“I honestly feel like it’s pretty safe staying online because we don’t know how the return to campus will affect us, so until there is an announcement to come back because it’s safe, then I will prefer us to stay online.”






Shannon Hernandez | The Poly Post

Yulieanna Martin | political science student

“I think it’s a great time period to figure out where we need to go. I personally don’t mind the online classes, but I know that math and science majors that require labs struggle with this change, so if we can get back to being in-person, then that would be ideal just because we are paying for the experience and, for now, we’re stuck in our rooms learning from a computer screen.”




Shannon Hernandez | The Poly Post

Nick Shaw | history student

“I have high hopes that we’ll return after the three weeks but as things have gone in the last semester, where most of my classes were supposed to be in-person after three weeks but we are not, I want to believe that the return is true, but I have my doubts for us to return.”






Shannon Hernandez | The Poly Post

Magali Zuniga-Garcia | music education student

“I’m honestly OK with being online because I am out of town and it kind of gives me time to settle in as I just got back from my hometown. I currently only have one class in-person and the rest are online, so it feels easy like this, and it helps us ease our way into the semester.”





Feature image by Shannon Hernandez

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