Student studies at the BSC’s upstairs lounge last fall semester. (Alexander Osornio | The Poly Post)

Bronco Student Center reopens with extended hours, services

By Shannon Hernandez, Jan. 25, 2022

While Cal Poly Pomona’s spring semester will begin with a three-week move to online classes, students can look forward to the Bronco Student Center operating in person with extended hours.

According to ASI’s website, beginning Jan. 24, the BSC’s new operating hours will be Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Room reservations and appointments will not be required to use a room for studying.

The BSC’s Phase II opening comes after hybrid courses last semester shut several restaurants and rooms in the BSC, leaving students with limited options for dining and study spaces. This semester, students can now go to the Lounge to study, relax and make friends in the Games Room, all while having more dining options.

Student studies at the BSC’s upstairs lounge last fall semester. (Alexander Osornio | The Poly Post)

Director of Operations Vic Martin oversees the BSC and is ready for students to relax and have a place for fun in between classes.

“The Bronco Student Center provides meeting room spaces for clubs and organizations, there is also a Financial Services Department, a Games Room such as pool and ping pong tables, a study lounge for quiet time and a variety of dining options to choose from,” said Martin.

Martin also mentioned that the Games Room will be completely free for the first time this semester. Students will be able to enter and check out items for any game with their Bronco ID. He also recommended visiting the center to have study sessions with friends and end the night with a game of pool.

Although the first three weeks of the spring semester will be held mostly online, the BSC reopening will still be intact as students who are moving into the dorms can still have a space to study and have fun in between classes.

Not only will more spaces in the BSC be open, but many programs and events are making a comeback this semester for students to enjoy. There will still be some virtual programs for those unable to be on campus at the time of an event.

Associate Director of Programs Sharon Rocacorba oversees ASI BEAT, which has plenty of engaging events for students to join and connect with others remotely and in person.

“There are many events and programs that anyone can attend with financial, graduation, and fun events such as a favorite Earth week coming this spring,” said Rocacorba.

Cal Poly Pomona is known for being a commuter campus and ASI is bringing back old and new events to make the commuter community feel welcome and encouraged to get involved.

“Now that the new hours are set and the Games Room will be open, I feel like most of us took advantage of the space prior to the pandemic because it was always there, once it was closed down, lots of students missed the social interactions that the BSC provided,” said Martin.

Students who transferred at the beginning of the pandemic and those who are continuing are looking forward to socially interacting and networking.

Stephanie Gutierrez, a history student, is looking forward to having more dining options and a place to explore during the day.

“Last semester I would work in the morning and go to school for my afternoon classes. There were not many dining options open late which made it difficult for me to find something to eat,” said Gutierrez.

Gutierrez mentioned that she was looking forward to networking and seeing the campus busy as it was prior to the pandemic.

ASI encourages students to follow its social media accounts for any future updates.

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