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ASI launches a ‘one-stop shop’ with new app

By Maria Flores, Aug. 31, 2021

ASI launched its new ASICPP app on Aug. 16 for all ASI services and programs, including Campus Recreation, BEAT, student government and the Poly Pantry. The fall semester launch was made possible through a partnership with InnoSoft Fusion Recreation and ASI’s Marketing, Design and Public Relations office.

Following more than a year of ASI facilities like the BRIC, Bronco Student Center and Children’s Center being temporarily closed, ASI prioritized the new app for Cal Poly Pomona students’ return to campus. The organization’s goal was to introduce an app where all ASI resources are offered in one location, allowing students to receive calendar updates, activate BRIC memberships, access facilities, take safety certification courses and register for fitness programs and ASI events.

Scott MacLeod, member service coordinator for ASI Campus Recreation, addressed the primary concerns and solutions ASI faced transitioning from a high-touch setting to a low-touch environment.

“We’ve been open for seven plus years now and all that time we had hand scanners to get in the building (BRIC),” said MacLeod. “There had always been that small percentage of members that the hand scanner didn’t work, which caused great frustration and we always felt for them. The hand scanners have been removed from the BRIC and replaced with barcode scanners, which you can use the barcode feature in the app to get into the building.”

With the reduction of long lines, and the elimination of hand scanners and required reservations, ASI hopes that the app can ease students’ frustration when accessing the BRIC.

(Maria Flores | The Poly Post)

The Poly Pantry also faced difficulty while remote without a set system implemented for students to pick up food and hygienic supplies. With the app’s launch, ASI hopes the Poly Pantry can have a more reliable and confidential system.

Prabhat Jammalamadaka, ASI president, addressed the benefits of having Poly Pantry services in the app and acknowledged the concerns students have had in the past.

“The Poly Pantry (feature) will help students not feel ashamed of going to the Poly Pantry or feel ashamed that they need help,” said Jammalamadaka. “We are trying to destigmatize this and allow the students to get the resources that are needed.”

According to MacLeod, the app was first introduced in November 2019 by InnoSoft Fusion solely as a Campus Recreation app.

“Someone said, ‘Well we are using the same software system online for the ASI Portal and for all of ASI programs now, so, why isn’t it an ASI app?’” said MacLeod. “We kind of looked at each other and were like, ‘That’s a good point,’ and so we switched gears from it being a campus rec app and expanded its uses.”

With the app’s expansion, MacLeod now believes the app’s features allow students to have a “one-stop shop” to ASI services and programming. MacLeod was not willing to share the amount of funding spent on the app’s development.

Henry Vuong, a management and human resource student, is appreciative of the app and prefers the new bar code system for accessing the BRIC.

“Back then, I had limited time and I would hit the gym during my break. I would get irritated when the fingerprint was wasting my time,” said Vuong. “I will take the barcode system, any day. The barcode feature is way more convenient and faster too. Just like a regular gym, you scan it and go right in.

(Maria Flores | The Poly Post)

For more information about the ASICPP app, the CPP community can visit ASI’s mobile app page.

Feature image by Maria Flores | The Poly Post

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