ASI Board of Directors discusses new Inclusive Campus Survey, upcoming ASI elections

By Grace Johnson, Feb. 9, 2021

A new confidential Inclusive Campus Survey is expected to be distributed via email to the Cal Poly Pomona community in hopes of increasing inclusivity on campus. The ASI Board of Directors discussed the survey during its Feb. 4 meeting, stressing it as necessary to understand the steps the board will take to unite the campus community.

The Office of Inclusive Excellence’s Inclusive Campus Survey is one of the first campus-wide surveys curated to collect data from the entire CPP population and will launch Feb. 22 through March 19. There will be four versions of the survey available depending on whether the respondent is a CPP student, faculty member, staff or administrator.

“It is really important that we collect this data from the population so that we can begin to understand what’s happening on campus,” said Presidential Associate for Inclusive Excellence and Diversity Nicole Butts. “The information can be used to find out what our top priorities should be so that we can start developing strategies and techniques to actually ensure that we have the inclusive campus that we want.”

Although the survey is not anonymous, the data will not be looked at on an individual basis. Names will not be published and respondents’ CPP email addresses will be used only to communicate information about the survey.

For students, the survey should take approximately 20 minutes to complete. As a way to encourage the community to participate, individuals will have access to an opportunity raffle where they are able to win prizes, gifts and giveaways upon completion. The raffle will include computers, graduation packages for upcoming graduates and Bronco Bucks.

“The survey is broken into three sections,” explained Butts. “It will cover what your role at the university is, your identifications, your sexual orientation, your status and then general questions about how the campus is doing at creating opportunities for different people. We want individuals to feel safe on campus, based on their identity and we want to know if they feel equally respected.”

The goal is to have 30% of the student population complete the survey which will launch again in approximately 2-3 years to reevaluate and reconsider campus-wide issues and concerns.

“I feel that the survey, as it was being described, is a good idea,” said third-year political science student Derek Sweem. “Since we are not currently in-person, this is an excellent time to work on finding ways to improve in-person interactions on campus. Hopefully, members of the campus community participate so that everyone can work on being more inclusive. CPP is a diverse community and this survey is a good step toward becoming even more inclusive.”

In other news, the board also discussed the upcoming ASI Elections to elect next academic year’s ASI president, vice president and senators.

ASI Elections Chair Aliza Ortega will be appointing four CPP students to be on the elections committee to assist with the 2021 election’s marketing, programming and outreach. Each of these students have shown interest in campus involvement, even in a virtual setting. Students will be recognized for their promptness, responsibility, campus involvement and inclusivity.

“Tell your friends, tell yourself and tell anyone you know to really think about applying for an ASI elective position,” said ASI Vice President Manshaan Singh. It would be great to get some exposure. The 2021 election application window is open through Feb. 14.”

ASI elections open via myBAR on March 8 at 7 a.m. and close on March 11 at 7 a.m. A direct link to the polls will be sent by email and results will be announced on March 11 at noon via a Zoom virtual conference call.

Feature image courtesy of ASI. 

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