Historic launch of SpaceX astronaut makes Pomona proud

With hometown support for NASA pilot and second-in-command, Victor Glover’s historic launch to the International Space Station on the Crew-1 SpaceX Crew Dragon, drew an outpouring of support from Pomona residents proud of their neighbor’s achievements.

On Nov. 15, the Pomona native ascended into the stars for a six-month stay at the International Space Station. The International Space Station will conduct tests and research while Glover, the multi-degree wielding former Navy commander turned astronaut, will be in command.

After a 27-hour voyage, the Dragon capsule carrying the four-person crew along with Glover and a Baby Yoda doll, arrived at the space station on Nov 17. Upon arrival, Glover took one giant leap into history as he became the first Black astronaut to dock at the space station.

The Fox Theater displayed a congratulatory sign on its marquee, donning its support of Glover and hopes to honor him on his voyage back to Earth. Jajuan Brown | The Poly Post

Glover’s achievement is being celebrated passionately in his hometown.

Cal Poly Pomona alumnus Demetrious Jarvis, (aerospace engineering, ’20) had the pleasure of working personally with Glover during his days in the military and praised Glover’s work ethic, mentoring and inspiring status.

“I’m actually super honored to actually crossed paths with this man in my life,” Jarvis recalled. “I remember the day that man came to me when I was working on his aircraft back when I was working on F/A-18s. He was one of the test pilots on my plane and I remember him telling me the day he got accepted into the actual astronaut program. I remember giving him a hug and I remember telling that man that he doesn’t even know the amount of people’s lives he was going to be changing by just making the attempts to do what he’s doing.”

While Glover is a graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, it is a galaxy-sized cherry on top for CPP that he is native to the university’s homeland.

In Pomona, local businesses rejoiced as Glover’s achievements became the talk of the town and on display in the downtown streets of the Arts District.

“I was talking to my friends and colleagues here at the Fox and we feel great,” said Fox Theater Manager Galo Galvan. He expressed how proud he and his co-workers are that someone from Pomona has received recognition on a global scale. “At a time like this it gives everybody something to believe in.”

Galvan isn’t alone in rejoicing over this moment.

Glass Records shop employee Ivan Castaneda said, “I think this is great, it really shows what the people in the area have the ability to do. It’s pretty cool.”

Up the block another small business shared a similar sentiment.

Whiskies and Razor Blades Barbershop owner Aaron Amack said that the support from Pomona community members stands out because of its “little guy status.”

“This ‘little guy status’ is derived from Pomona’s lack of recognition due to its farther proximity from LA and other major cities. This achievement is a spotlight that Pomona hasn’t felt in a while,” Amack said.

The magnitude of this story has made its way through the City of Pomona, and beyond- making headlines all over the country.

“Right now with the pandemic we would love to coordinate something with the right people involved creating a socially responsible celebration of some sort, a welcome back when they get back from this important mission that they’re doing,” Galvan said.

(Feature image courtesy of Nasa) 

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