Zoom University or Opt-out?

On May 12, Timothy P. White, the chancellor of the California State University system, announced that the 2020 fall semester would shift to mostly virtual instruction due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Colleges throughout the country have followed this decision, leaving students to attend the first day of classes from home.

The Poly Post interviewed students to share their thoughts on the upcoming school year.

Was virtual instruction difficult for you?

(Courtesy of Daisy Anaya)


“I actually like (virtual instruction) because I have more time. The time I use to commute I could use to study or do assignments. It’s a positive thing because you have time to yourself.” — Daisy Anaya, Third-year hospitality student; Cal Poly Pomona




(Courtesy of Ashton Teimoori



“I was in my bedroom, so I don’t have that workspace environment. You have to have that workspace environment to be more productive.” — Ashton Teimoori, Fourth-year aerospace engineer student; Cal Poly Pomona




Did COVID-19 alter any of your plans for this school year?

(Courtesy of Lauren Castillo)


“I’m missing out on internships. [In the kinesiology club] I was supposed to volunteer for a hospital in Pomona, but it got canceled. I was participating with Dr. Jones on how we breathe in lifting and running, but… all research studies were suspended until it is safe.” — Lauren Castillo, Fourth-year kinesiology student; Cal Poly Pomona



(Courtesy of Marsha Mata)



“I wanted to take an internship during fall or spring. I don’t want to take an online internship, I want to be in the office. I’ve seen some online internships, but it’s not the same experience.” — Marsha Mata, Fourth-year political science student; Cal Poly Pomona



Have you considered opting-out?

(Courtesy of Denise Burgos)


“I did at the beginning of spring semester. But then I got all my classes which never happens.” — Denisse Burgos, Fourth-year criminology student; Cal Poly Pomona




(Courtesy of Victoria Venegas)



“No, I don’t think I would. [Online] is harder, but I don’t want to backtrack. I don’t want to take my time with my degree.” — Victoria Venegas, Third-year political science student; Cal Poly Pomona





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