Ian Whalen | Third-year hospitality restaurant management student

Students share their Super Tuesday voting experience

The 2020 United States presidential primary election took place March 3 in California and 14 other jurisdictions, and things are now beginning to heat up between Democratic candidates Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. Sanders stands tall with 573 delegates overall, while Biden takes the first-place spot with 664 delegates overall. Sanders dominated in California with a total of 186 delegates and 33.8% of votes for the entire state. Elizabeth Warren and Michael Bloomberg dropped out of the primaries due to the disappointing results of Super Tuesday. 

CPP students used their power by voting on Super Tuesday in the Bronco Student Center (BSC) and shared their experiences.

Caroline Gomez | Fifth-year manufacturing engineering student

“It was very easy to vote. There were a lot of places that offered transportation to polls and I found that such a great resource to have because a lot of times in the past, communities, my family (and) friends didn’t have the access to do that. I noticed a lot more people went out to vote and that inspired me. It went really easy for me.”

Andy Ruano | Fourth-year finance student

“The lines were super long, after 12 p.m. they stretched all the way into (the BSC’s) Ursa Major. I voted for Bernie Sanders because the most important thing to me is universal healthcare, and I feel like he’s the only one actually fighting for it.”

Savanna Pfau | Fourth-year psychology student

“I came here (to the BSC) on Tuesday right after my first class. I got lucky because I was the first one in there. And then they told me how there was a new machine. It was really easy. I did vote for Bernie Sanders. I agree with the values, healthcare and everything.” 

Michael Akosah | Second-year nutrition science student

“I voted at the BSC. I had to register in there, so they just had me fill out a paper. It was quick and easy. In my experience, voting wasn’t too difficult, I feel like everyone should do it. I voted for Bernie Sanders. I know he’s more in tune, at least with college students, with our needs like tuition, (which is) expensive. I wouldn’t mind Biden either since he was Obama’s right-hand man, so either one works, Bernie or Biden.” 

Melina Rezvan | Third-year civil engineering student

“It was very interesting that there (weren’t) that many people. The one that I wanted to vote for, he was Pete Buttigieg, but he pulled out, so I needed to change my vote, so I went and voted for Bernie Sanders.”

Ian Whalen | Third-year hospitality restaurant management student

“I feel that the actual process itself got a little bit more complicated than previous years. I saw a lot of older people struggle to (vote). I voted for the person who I think could beat Trump. I didn’t vote for who I wanted to, which kind of bums me out a lot. I don’t really like it, but in the end, there’s a lot of things that our current president did that upsets me very much and to see those changed, that’s what I prefer.” 

Photos and quotes compiled by staff writer Desiree McClean

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