Sicomoro Hall opened in January. ZUVANNY MACIAS | THE POLY POST

Student causes disturbance, breaks chairs in Sicomoro Hall

An unidentified female student destroyed two TVs, made a hole in the drywall and broke several chairs in a Sicomoro Hall (Building 73) study and living room on Feb. 24 at approximately 3 a.m. 

The student responsible for the destruction was taken away by campus police officers who arrived on the scene after the destruction occurred. 

“The person responsible for the incident has been identified, and there is no threat to anyone on the campus,” Cal Poly Pomona Lt. Marc Simpson said. Simpson said he could not disclose any further information because the incident is still under investigation.

Sicomoro Hall opened in January. (Zuvanny Macias | The Poly Post)

Aaron Madrigal, a first-year computer engineering student, heard the unidentified female throwing things from the outside of the room in Sicomoro, and recorded a video of the student throwing a chair at the window.

“All I know is that it was 3 a.m. and me and my roommate heard a loud noise which we thought was like a loud drum, and I was so weirded out I looked out (of) my window and saw this girl banging the window with one of the study chairs, and throwing items,” Madrigal said. “The cops eventually came, and from there I have no idea what happened.”

“A student trashed a living room and a study room on the fourth floor. They threw the trash cans around, broke a couple chairs, sprayed coffee over the windows, broke two TVs and made a hole in the drywall,” said a student who will remain anonymous due to proximity of the situation.

The Poly Post reached out to University Housing Services for additional information, however received no response before publication deadline. 

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