The ASI Board of Directors unanimously voting to adopt new bylaw changes for a student body referendum. NICOLAS HERNANDEZ | THE POLY POST

ASI adopts new bylaws and approves new logo

Through unanimous votes, the Associated Students Inc. (ASI) Board of Directors adopted a new proposed ASI logo on Feb. 6 and approved previously recommended bylaw changes for the organization. 

Two 9-0-0 votes, counting votes in favor, against and abstaining, ensured smooth next steps for these two measures. 

ASI’s new logo, now adopted by the board, will move on to a phased roll-out. As for the bylaws, with those changes now approved, ASI Attorney General Manshaan Singh, a third-year environmental biology student, is tasked with outlining the changes so they can be published 30 days prior to ASI elections for the student body to vote on. 

“I anticipate that they’ll see the shift and hopefully believe in their student government,” said ASI Vice President Rachel Hunter, a fourth-year political science student, regarding the student body voting on these bylaw changes.

The ASI Board of Directors unanimously voting to adopt new bylaw changes for a student body referendum.
Nicolas Hernandez | The Poly Post

Following these two votes, the meeting transitioned into electing senators to serve in the Facilities and Operations, Sustainability, Governmental Affairs and Finance committees for the new semester. 

With no dissenting votes, the board approved Science Senator Angel Perez for the Sustainability Committee, Collins College Senator Lucy Yu for the Finance Committee and Engineering Senator Augustus Rodriguez for the Governmental Affairs Committee. 

The position for the Facilities and Operations Committee remained vacant as no senator was nominated for the role. Therefore, the election for this committee was tabled to next week’s board meeting.

The final action item for the meeting was the appointment of Samantha Fidel, a fourth-year political science student, as the secretary of external affairs. Fidel, who served as the officer of civic engagement, was recommended for this new position by Hunter and ASI President Pasindu Senaratne, a fourth-year business student. Once again, with no dissent from the board, Fidel was approved for the position. 

The secretary of external affairs position has the responsibility of chairing the Governmental Affairs Committee which holds the positions of the officer of civic engagement, the officer of legislative affairs and the elections chair. The secretary also accompanies the ASI vice president in attending the monthly Cal State Student Association meeting of representatives from all the California State University student governments.

Fidel stated that voter turnout and completion of the U.S. Census by CPP students were top priorities for her as she begins this new position. She emphasized the importance of the upcoming elections and the fact that students living on campus “tend to be one of the biggest groups miscounted in the census.” 

Prior to these action items, the members of the board made their weekly reports, briefing the attendees on the work they have been doing and their plans going forward. 

Hunter reported attending last week’s State of the Union address in Washington, D.C. through an invitation by U.S. Representative Norma Torres, D-Ontario. She was chosen by the university to advocate for students who are food and housing insecure.

Hunter also spoke about attending a CPP transportation retreat to promote student use of public transit. She stated that the university is considering a pilot program for CPP students to begin receiving Foothill Transit college passes next year like those currently used by Mt. San Antonio College and the University of La Verne. These passes allow enrolled students unlimited rides on Foothill Transit lines free of charge. 

ASI’s next Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 13. 

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