Students can visit the Bronco Advising Center to plan classes to take in the winter session. STEVEN EVERETT | THE POLY POST

CPP to hold first two-week winter term since semester conversion

Beginning January 2020, Cal Poly Pomona will have its first two-week intersession in winter  to allow students an opportunity to finish specialized courses, activities and remaining general education courses. For CPP, 2019 began with a standard 15-week spring semester. 

The 2019-20 period will be the first winter intersession under CPP’s semester system.

When CPP abandoned the quarter calendar and replaced it with the semester calendar in 2018, winter intersession was the only component missing from the new schedule. 

Spring and fall semester both last a standard 15 weeks and summer intersession lasts a total of 10 weeks over the course of its two 5-week halves. The 2019 winter intersession is set to last only two weeks beginning Jan. 2 and ending Jan. 16.

According to Associate Provost Sepehr Eskandari, winter intersession is set during CPP’s winter break period. 

It is an optional term meant to help students complete specialized courses or activities that wouldn’t be conducive to their schedules during the normal spring and fall terms. 

These specialized courses include field work, independent study and short-term study abroad courses. By adding a winter intersession to CPP’s schedule, CPP follows in the footsteps of other campuses that use the semester calendar.

Eskandari also confirms faculty members are able to benefit from the new winter intersession just as students can. 

“(Faculty members) have two weeks with their students for immersive, learn-by-doing experiences,” Eskandari said. “The campus is open during this time between the fall and spring terms and, therefore, staff will be available to support student services.” 

Students can visit the Bronco Advising Center to plan classes to take in the winter session.
Steven Everett | The Poly Post

Financial aid will be offered to cover the new intersession according to the CPP Administration and Finance website.

The upcoming winter intersession stands to benefit students seeking graduation. 

“Winter semester will help me graduate on time,” said Merari Lopez, a first-year apparel merchandising student.

As CPP is the only institution nearest her residence with her major in the curriculum, she feels the winter intersession will help her get more involved in CPP campus life. 

However, not every student has decided to make a fully certain commitment to register for winter intersession. 

Second-year industrial engineering student Audrey Johnson sees it as a chance to help her finish her general education requirement in economics, but only if the appropriate class is offered at a price she can afford. 

If such a class is unavailable in winter, then an online class during spring 2020 is her only option to finish that GE requirement.

Registration for winter classes is open Nov. 4 and 5 for students eligible for priority registration. 

For everyone else, the general registration period begins Nov. 6 and ends Dec. 4.

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