Students share their thoughts on vaping-related deaths across U.S.

Photos and quotes compiled by staff writer Taylor Johnson.

Kalee Hinman | Second-year history student

“We have seen time and time again, what terrible things smoking has caused for people. I don’t see how anyone could be delusional enough to think vaping would be any better, especially with the chemicals it has that are completely different and we have never seen the effects of.”

Stephanie Domingues | Third-year sociology student

“I feel like most people just do it because their friends do it and it is seen as something cool but in reality, it is not. I just feel like there is no point to it.”

Odiri Ntekume | Third-year kinesiology student

“At first I thought vaping was just like flavored vapor but I am pretty sure you are able to put THC in it now; maybe whoever they are buying it from is lacing it.”

Mikey Akosah | First-year mechanical engineering student

“… Vaping hasn’t been tested enough. We don’t know the long-term effects of it, so it isn’t really safe to be doing it every day… In my opinion, weed is a safer alternative, but to each their own.”

Cory Lee | Fourth-year food science and technology student

“You wouldn’t expect it to hurt you, but then as time goes on, you don’t even know about the effects until it is too late. I have seen it happen before with the ads and all the related deaths.”

Marty Nguyen | Second-year civil engineer student

“To an extent I think it’s okay if you are over 18. But underneath that, I don’t think that it should be done mostly because of the fact that it is also quite addicting if nicotine is involved.”

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