Since CPP switched from quarters to semesters almost one year ago, students are reevaluating whether the goal of graduating in four years is realistic. 

John Lopez | Second-year music industry studies student

“I believe it is ideal but not realistic, sometimes when people are so young right after high school. A lot [of them] don’t really know what to do or what they want to do and I just think it takes some time.”



Lucas Fisher| Fourth-year music industry studies student

“I think it’s doable, but it’s not doable when you change from quarters to semesters halfway through; more people are doing five years now. I still think four years is possible but you have to sacrifice that social life, and you might not be able to work as much as you want. If you really want the four years you can get [them] but you really have to want it.”


Karen Girgis | Second-year mechanical engineering student

“I don’t think it’s realistic because of the wait-listed classes, [they] put everyone behind.” 



Jordan Davis | Second-year business student

“I believe it is realistic because if you do the right [number] of classes that you need to do on time, then you will be able to graduate in four years.”



Valeria Castorenas | First-year hospitality management student

“I think it is realistic as long as you take the number of credits or units required per semester … and if you make sure you are taking all of the courses required [for your major].”



Monay Mariscal | Fourth-year kinesiology  student

“It depends because I’m graduating in four years. For some, I think it is realistic but depending on the changes that the school makes, like going from quarters to semesters, that messed a lot of people up. It can happen but it really just depends on how you do and if the school decides to make any other changes, but I think it is a realistic goal to graduate in four years, for sure.”

Photos and quotes compiled by staff writer Taylor Johnson.

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