After four years of planning and implementing the necessary steps for completion, Cal Poly Pomona switched to semester conversion for a price of approximately $10 million.

Associate Vice President for Strategic Communication Tim Lynch stated that around $1 million came from CPP, $4.5 million came from the California State University Chancellor’s Office as a one-time allocation, and another $4 million was held at the Chancellor’s Office and paid out as needed. 

Lynch said any remaining funds would be returned to the Chancellor’s Office, but all funds have been used. Around 70% to 75% was allocated to the Division of Academic Affairs to revamp classes and update software, according to Lynch.

“It was the conversion of every single class,” Lynch said. “[And] to either release time or stipends for faculty to assess their curricula and do conversion and for department chairs to be involved in the process.” 

Changes are expected to be seen on campus as the transition to semesters continues. (Isac Kim | The Poly Post)

Revamping the coursework for semester conversion has posed difficulties for some students. 

Chiora Ylleandra, a third-year food science and nutrition student, stated she had to take two different types of organic chemistry because of a change in requirements for her coursework.

“I originally took Chemistry 2210, and thought that was the end of it, but then I found out I had to take Chemistry 3140,” Ylleandra said.

Ylleandra also had trouble with a nuclear magnetic resonance course, which was added as part of organic chemistry lecture, but had always been a part of lab.

“I go to a lot of tutors to try and learn the material and I go to office hours to try and get help,” Ylleandra said. 

Lynch stated the rest of the funds went to outside contractors in the Information Technology (IT) division to convert all of the programs from quarter to semester system. 

A small slice of the budget, however, went towards advertising semester conversion. 

Lynch stated games were set up outside the University Quad and the Bronco Student Center, aimed towards spreading awareness about semester conversion.

There was also $1 million set aside for summer completion programs. 

Lynch said any students who are a few units shy of graduating can reach out to the Office of Student Success to ask about summer completion grants that can help cover tuition and books.

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