Members of Pi Kappa Alpha during a fundraising sale at Greek Week. JACQUELINE AYALA | THE POLY POST

Greek organizations go head-to-head

From themes of “Wonder Woman” to “The Powerpuff Girls,” Greek Week was another successful event for the fraternities and sororities.

The event took place from April 22-26 and they kicked things off with a talent show in Ursa Major at the Bronco Student Center.

This was a chance for each Greek organization to bring out its most talented members to represent them.

Members of Pi Kappa Alpha during a fundraising sale at Greek Week. (Jacqueline Ayala | The Poly Post)

The next event was the Can Structure, in which both fraternities and sororities compete to build a structure made entirely of food cans. A couple of structures included were a boombox, the mystery machine from the “Scooby-Doo” franchise and even R2-D2 from the “Star Wars” franchise. 

Pasindu Senaratne, a third-year finance, real estate and law student and member of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, was amazed by the number of cans that were donated during the can structure event.

“I was surprised how passionate everyone was, during day two, over 4,500 usable cans were donated and there were three organizations alone [that] donated over 1,000 cans each,” said Senaratne, who is also president-elect of the university.

With all the cans that were donated during Greek Week, it will stock the pantry until the end of the semester.

On Wednesday, it was Denim Day and Walk a Mile in her Shoes, which both raised awareness of rape and sexual assault. Male students will typically walk one mile in women’s high heel shoes to show their support to end gender violence.

Later that afternoon, the Greek Olympics were held in the Bronco Commons. They held games inspired by the game show, “Minute to Win it.” A couple of these games included Hanky Panky and Face the Cookie.  

The fourth day of Greek Week was the Food Fair, where students were able to buy grilled cheese, wings and even cake pops. 

Third-year biology student and member of Chi Omega sorority Kyla Qumsieh said she enjoyed arranging for the food fair.

“It was my third time doing Greek Week and my favorite part was prepping and planning for the food fair,” Qumsieh said. “What surprised me the most was the amount of cans we were able to donate for the food pantry on campus.” 

Third-year international business marketing student and member of Sigma Chi fraternity Jason Konstantinidis, also in his third Greek Week, was impressed by how unified everyone in the Greek community was. 

His favorite part was how everyone came together under a common purpose of philanthropy.

“This year’s Greek Week felt the most unified out of all my years participating, and we came together as Greek organizations to support philanthropy and fostering friendships among members of the campus community,” Konstantinidis said. “My favorite part was the philanthropic aspect of the events and uniting under a common bond of friendship while raising money for a good cause.”

All the money that was raised will be given to various organizations such as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, local homeless shelters and even scholarships for the DREAMers’ (Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors) programs.

Finally, the day everyone looks forward to every year, the Lip Sync. Taking place in the Bronco Commons, sororities and fraternities competed in dances, and, of course, lip syncing.

Senaratne enjoyed his first Greek Week, especially the lip sync.

“My favorite part about Greek Week without a doubt was lip sync; some of these organizations have been practicing since last semester and I’m looking forward to hearing the results on Tuesday [April 30] at U-Hour,” Senaratne said.

Greek Week will host its closing ceremony on April 30 to announce the winners of this year’s events.

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