The Pride Center. Photo by Eileen Qiu

Non-binary marker available

University faculty, staff and other employees now have the option to choose non-binary instead of the traditional male or female descriptor on their employee records. 

The Pride Center. (Eileen Qiu / The Poly Post)

Senate Bill 179 — California’s Gender Recognition Act, was signed into law Oct. 15, 2017. 

Originally, it made it easier for people who identified as transgender to change their preferred gender to male, female or non-binary. 

However, like all laws, things take time and bills are enacted in phases.  

SB-179 went into full effect on Jan. 1, 2019, and makes it so individuals wanting to change their gender marker on a California state ID, birth certificate, driver’s license and even court order, now can do just that. 

Those who identify as transgender, intersex or non-binary are fully recognized in California.

Cal Poly Pomona Associate Vice President of Human Resources Operations Sharon Reiter said in a statement that student employees, faculty and staff can now submit paperwork to have their work records indicate their preferred gender. 

Coordinator of the campus Pride Center, Bri Sérráno, said the change is positive.

“This is exciting news for people who want to change their gender marker, although it does not include undocumented people, [who] cannot change their marker,” Sérráno said.

Sérráno also encouraged LGBTQ+ students to visit the Pride Center at the old horse stables across from the Bronco Student Center to take advantage of other resources for the LGBTQ+ community.

Services include safe spaces, computer and phone charging stations, as well as scholarship opportunities. 

The center also provides services like continuation of hormone therapy if students have prescriptions, gender inclusive housing and restrooms, and assistance with getting students their preferred name on Bronco ID, BroncoDirect and Blackboard.  

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