Graduation regalia is now on sale at the Bronco Bookstore. (Isac Kim / The Poly Post)

Grad regalia’s high cost

With the end of the school year approaching, seniors start to think about all the graduation gear they are going to need. The Bronco Bookstore aims to cater to students, yet none of it comes cheap.

The bookstore hosted Grad Fair last week for graduating students participating in commencement. Students got a 20 percent discount, so they could purchase their graduation materials in packages.

There are four grad packs available to students: Package A (classic), which costs $304.70, Package B (classic tassel), which costs $334.70, Package C (classic lithograph), which costs $374.70 and Package D (executive), which also costs $374.70. Master’s students pay an extra $20 for each package.

Each grad pack comes with a cap, gown, degree tassel, sash, and diploma frame of varying styles, depending on price. 

Graduation regalia is now on sale at the Bronco Bookstore. (Isac Kim / The Poly Post)

Much of the graduation merchandise is provided by Jostens, a company that specializes in graduation products such as class rings, some of which are also available for purchase at more than $600 a pop.

Students who ordered their grad pack before March 20 or bought their packages during Grad Fair also received a hoodie and T-shirt with their package. 

The price for each grad pack varies depending on the type of diploma frame that comes with each specific package. 

Clint Aase, the bookstore director, said the diploma frame students receive in their grad packs is the most expensive item due to the quality of the frame.

“You need a diploma frame that is high quality and lasts a lifetime,” Aase said. “And if your diploma frame ever gets damaged, then you can bring it back to the bookstore and get a new one.”

Some graduating students who attended Grad Fair were excited to be nearing graduation but felt uneasy about the prices of grad packs. 

Ivan Limeta, a sixth-year civil engineering major, did not buy a grad pack, but instead individually bought a cap, gown and sash. 

He said he bought the items separately because he thought the grad packs and diploma frame were too expensive.

“I think the prices for certain items are fair, but the grad packs are a little overpriced,” Limeta said. “And you can get a cheaper diploma frame anywhere else.”

Aase said that compared to other schools like Cal State Fullerton, whose regalia costs $110, CPP’s grad pack are more affordable at $69.95 for a cap and gown.

Other students who attended Grad Fair bought packages because of the discounts.

Priscilla Marque, a fourth-year psychology major, said she bought Package B not only because she could hang her tassel in her diploma, but also because of the 20 percent discount.

“I think 20 percent off the grad packs is a good deal,” Marque said. “A friend of mine who goes to another school pays more for grad packs than we do.” 

Grad packs are still available to graduating students but will not be discounted like they were during Grad Fair. 

Aase said the earlier students buy their grad packs, the more it would benefit them.

“We highly recommend students buy whatever grad pack they want as soon as possible because then they can get fitted for their cap and gown and have the right-sized items for commencement,” Aase said. 

Grad packs and individual items are available to students from now until their commencement date.

More information on grad packs and individual items can be found on the bookstore’s website at 

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