Student receives help at the Bronco Advising Center. MAYA HOOD | THE POLY POST

CPP Connect rolled out

Advisors and tutors have a new tool to facilitate communication and measure their students’ progress.

Cecilia Santiago-Gonzalez, director of strategic initiatives for the Office of Student Success said CPP Connect allows academic advisors to better connect with students.

She said it’s a holistic support platform that provides students with the ability to conveniently schedule appointments with their academic advisors as well as access tutoring services.

“We can identify students who may need us to reach out,” Santiago-Gonzalez said. “We’re going to reach out to students who haven’t been to advising and invite them to come see us.” 

Student receives help at the Bronco Advising Center. (Maya Hood / The Poly Post)

The first stage of the platform’s implementation will allow all of the college advising centers, the Bronco Advising Center, the Learning Resource Center and specialized tutoring programs to use the system.  

Academic advisors will have access to information in one place that will have a record of previous interactions, so advisors can assist students on issues regarding the history shown on a student’s profile. 

This will allow students to get support in a timely manner and the opportunity to address concerns that haven’t already been addressed. 

Erin DeRosa, a senior coordinator for University Advising, said CPP Connect has a lot of features that will help advisors to be more proactive.

“We’ve been using the campaign functionality, so that allows us to email students and say ‘we notice you have a hold’ or ‘you did a really good job with this’ and you can come in for advising if you want,” DeRosa said. 

In response to the January data leak of personal information from students in the College of Science, the Office of Student Success has put various measures in place to ensure student information remains private.

The office is in the process of implementing better practices so that the tool is used responsibly and effectively.  

“Everyone who gets access — you can actually email this system, so you don’t have to download,” Santiago-Gonzalez said. “You email directly from [CPP Connect] and even if you send a thousand messages the person only sees their own message.” 

Zoe Lance, a communications specialist for the Office of Student Success, said the feedback from students using CPP Connect shows how much easier it is to get information using one portal. 

“The student feedback has been great, students really like it and we’re really excited about expanding it and making it even better for students to use,” Lance said.  

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