The Mind and Heart Research Lab resides inside the Darlene May Gymnasium. SABRINA ZELAYA | THE POLY POST

Where to find silence and solitude

Most students commute to school and do not have the luxury of hiding away in a dorm to find peace and quiet. However, there are few places on campus which offer silence to those who want or need it.

Here are some of the few options on campus for calmness.

Library’s “Quiet Floors”

The library’s first, fifth and sixth floors are deemed “quiet floors,” where zero noise is tolerated. Computers and individual desks separated by borders are available. The first floor also has big tables that are optimal for working on big projects, or if large space is needed.

“There isn’t much going on there, which is really helpful when I’m trying to focus. I went up to the fifth floor and it was dead quiet,” sophomore Chelsea Larios said. “Normally I don’t like quiet but I was really able to get my work done with no distractions.”

Darlene May Gymnasium

The Mind and Heart Research Lab resides inside the Darlene May Gymnasium. SABRINA ZELAYA | THE POLY POST

Another quiet space is the Darlene May Gymnasium, behind the Bronco Recreation and Intramural Complex, where the Mind and Heart Research Lab resides. It includes a Destress Lounge that focuses on healthy ways to manage stress, such as yoga and meditation. The lounge also offers a place where students can simply relax on comfortable couches in a quiet area. Appointments to use the facility are available at

Games Room Etc.

Surprisingly, a person can go to get some quiet entertainment in the TV Lounge at the Games Room Etc., inside the Bronco Student Center. It is a dimly lit, very quiet room where Hulu and Netflix are available for use. To use the TV, students must give the Games Room Etc. employees a source of collateral, such as a school I.D, which they exchange for the remote to the TV. 

“People can even take a nap in there,” joked Games Room Etc. manager Kofi Ofosu-Agyeman. “The setting there is very relaxing.”

Also, during slow hours, Games Room Etc. provides entertainment without the overwhelming buzz of a crowd.

Cultural Centers

The Cultural Centers can also provide silence. Located next to the Quad are the African-American Student Center, the Cesar Chavez Center and the Women’s Resource Center and anyone is welcome to use any center’s resources. 

“In the African-American Student Center, we have a library in the back with computers to use,” said senior communication student Arena Knapper. “During midterms and finals, we have mandatory quiet hours. It’s a nice place to hang out other than that too. We even have a TV with Hulu and Netflix accounts, so in between classes I like to relax and get away from everyone.”

Aratani Japanese Garden

Although it is a public place, the Aratani Japanese Garden is also a peaceful place one can visit to get some solitude.

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