Self-isolation is best with an animal friend by your side for good company

Animal lovers all across the world are spending quality time with their pets during this stay-at-home order. Having a pet is more than just taking it for a walk, feeding it and even cleaning up after it. It’s all about the bond that you have and your unconditional love for one another. We asked some Broncos how they were spending time with their pets during this stay-at-home period.

Kevin Provido | Third-year business administration student

“This quarantine has helped our bond to get to know each other’s personality. We have more time to train him and we are making progress every day. He is learning his boundaries with more time being spent with us. He’s even becoming calmer during yoga time. Since he can’t interact with other dogs and humans right now, he is starting to become very anxious, so we are working on training him to be calm from a distance. His breed needs to be socialized or else he would attack others. This quarantine has not really helped with that, but it has helped us become a better team and family.”



Giselle Gaspan | Third-year animal science student

“This one is the most recent child I got. With the extended amount of time I have at home, I thought I would rescue this little guy from a person that came into Petco with 30 hamsters in a Vans shoebox. Since I work at Petco, the store could only accept like four of them, but there were babies in there, and this one has a broken ear. I felt bad for him, and I knew it would get worse if I didn’t take him in.”




Connor Winkler | Third-year communication student

“Since the stay-at-home order, me and my shih tzu Nala have been taking advantage of these calm and boring days. More recently, she’s been the star of my TikToks I’ve been making for my family. She loves all the attention she’s been getting because most of the members of the house are all home throughout the day. Nala and I have enjoyed going on walks together and trying to stay in shape the best we can during all of this, but one thing that Nala and I enjoy the most is being lazy all day while she lays in her fluffy bed by the fire and while I’m relaxing on my bed as well.”


Perla Rivera | Fifth-year animal science student


“During this stay-at-home order, my gecko Anubis and I have had the time to bond more. He likes climbing on my shoulders and listening to random things I do like video games or watching movies.” 




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