Inside CPP’s Fashion Society Club ‘Decades’

By Alondra Tamayo, April 23, 2024

Fashion Society’s 12th annual fashion show features the theme ‘Decades,’ showcasing designers’ various unique collections of different eras April 27.

Led by club President Alyssa Barajas, fan apparel merchandising and management student, the show at University Plaza will consist of seven designers and more than 30 models showcasing the designs of the designers.

Soleil Guzman, an apparel merchandising and management student, with aspirations of becoming a brand manager, is eager to showcase her designs in this year’s show.

With this being her first year as a designer in the fashion show, she will be showcasing upcycled designs.

“My inspiration for the Decades fashion show draws from the era 1400s-1800s very loosely,” Guzman said. “Most of my fabrics come from thrift stores, and I just really like looking at the different historical tapestries and different designs and palettes and how it has multiple stories. My fabric is really based on the background designs like the vines, the flowers, the tapestry.”

LoveShackFancy is one of her inspirations due to their feminine, puffy and fun style that reconnects her with her inner child.

Guzman dreamed of creating fashion ever since she was a child, but those hopes and big dreams of working in fashion subsided for a period of her life. That vision and passion were lost when the thought of working toward a less creative career crossed her mind.

“I thought I had to be realistic,” Guzman said. “But it wasn’t until college where I found my love for fashion again and for sewing. My grandma taught me how to sew.”

Producing a collaborative collection for the fashion show, Alondra Luis did not always believe she would pursue fashion and design. It wasn’t until the COVID-19 pandemic she changed her mind.

With the help of her mother, Luis developed her design skills during the pandemic, and within two years, she debuted a full collection at last year’s fashion show.

She stays encouraged every time she finishes a piece and finds encouragement in recognizing the effort she invested, affirming to herself her capability and determination.

“There is so much in fashion,” said Luis. “It’s not just designing; there’s production, retailing. People who are not familiar with fashion don’t know how many formulas and numbers we use, along with applications like Illustrator and Excel. We use so many different outlets, not just a piece of paper.”

According to Luis, designing requires authenticity and hard work. She creates pieces not only for the public, but for herself and what she would like to see herself wear.

“End goal is to have my own company, but that’s not in the books right after college,” said Luis. “Right after college I see myself being a designer’s assistant.”

To Genevie Cuadra, an apparel merchandising and management student with an emphasis in apparel production, fashion reveals insight into an individual’s personality.

Cuadra will be participating in this year’s fashion show with a 90s theme collection collaborating with Luis, another apparel merchandising and management student.

Cuadra’s collection features a modern approach to ‘90s fashion while keeping its authenticity. Her collaborative collection with Luis consists of streetwear, denim, camo and various pops of colors.

“My personal relationship to fashion is I love that clothing comes full circle,” Cuadra said. “What was trending in the ‘80s, is trending now. Clothing is timeless and I really admire what clothing can do for a person and how it can make people feel.”

Cuadra believes fashion is self-expression, and it navigates how individuals perceive themselves and others based on their clothing statement.

“I want to make clothes for everyone,” Cuadra said. “I design to show people there are no boundaries in fashion. You can make sweatpants look like the latest Balenciagas by adding your confidence.”

Feature image courtesy of Pierre Bamin 

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