Top 5 restrooms at Cal Poly Pomona

By Andres Baeza, March 26, 2024

Cal Poly Pomona boasts a 1,438-acre campus. With what seems like miles of walking from class to class, some may wonder where the best places are to go on campus when nature is calling.

With a large campus comes a wide variety of restrooms for one to use. To help steer clear of the less-than-ideal options, here are five of the best restrooms on campus.

Student Services Building

The Students Services Building is the place to go and get help with financial aid. It’s where University President Soraya M. Coley’s office is located and it provides a quiet place to study. All the way down the hall on the second floor are two gender-neutral restrooms for single use only.

“The gender-neutral restrooms at the SSB are my favorite because they are so clean, and there is always Febreze and other products that are there when you need it from the staff that works there,” said psychology student Ivan Monroy.

Alongside the singular restrooms are sleek, modern multi-stall restrooms at the other end of the hall.

Private restroom on the second floor of the Student Services Building. Andres Baeza | The Poly Post

Bronco Student Center

At the Bronco Student Center, eateries, study spaces, ASI offices and other recreational facilities can be found within building. Inside, entering the east wing and up the small set of stairs to the right is an all-gender restroom.

Although this restroom may not be the best looking, it provides the most privacy and is devoid of long lines. This restroom also provides free menstrual products, including pads and tampons.

Restrooms at the Bronco Student Center. Andres Baeza | The Poly Post

Art Department – Building 13

The art department, which is next to the library, is inhabited by many great artists but also great restrooms.

This ordinary restroom is housed in an honest community, so if you forget anything in the restroom there is no need to worry.

“The art department has the best restrooms because nobody rarely goes in there and the people in that building are actually honest. I’ve seen them return jewelry to professors if someone left it rather than stealing it.” said history student Isabella Romero.

Restrooms of the Art Department. Andres Baeza | The Poly Post

College of Education and Integrative Studies – Building 6

Building 6, which belongs to the College of Education and Integrative Studies, is said to always be clean and never low on supplies.

The restrooms for women and men are placed on separate floors, with the men’s restroom being on the first floor and the women’s restroom on the second floor.

“I love Building 6 because it is upstairs for women only, and there are professors that I have seen using the restrooms which I believe is the only reason why it stays clean and never runs low on restroom supplies like paper towels, unlike other restrooms,” said early childhood studies student Guadalupe Moyao.

Restrooms of the College of Education and Integrative Studies. Andres Baeza | The Poly Post

University Plaza

The University Plaza, also known as the horse stables, has a multi-stall all gender restroom that conjures a warm and calming feeling with the wood accents. The restroom has high ceilings with floor to ceiling stalls, providing a great amount of privacy. While in the restroom, a water fountain is displayed outside adding onto the ambience.

This restroom has three stalls open for use. The main stall has a large, frosted window that lets in a great amount of natural sunlight. Also, a table around the sink area provides a variety of menstrual products.

Feature image courtesy of Dorrell Tibbs

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