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ROTS: What are 2023 CPP Graduates doing after graduation?

By Carolina Maciel, May 16, 2023

With the graduation ceremony just around the corner, the class of 2023 are excited to be graduating this May and take the next major step in their life. Throughout their time at Cal Poly Pomona the students put in a lot of time and hard work for this day. Whether they decide to take a break after graduation or further their higher education, this is a huge milestone and an amazing accomplishment for every graduating student. But it also leaves the burning question, what is their plan after graduation? CPP graduates share their plans for their future.  


Carolina Maciel |The Poly Post

Jasmine Marquez | business marketing student 

“My plan after graduation is to apply for the Marketing position at Disneyland. After working there for two to three years I’m planning on going back to school to pursue my masters degree in marketing management, said Marquez. 

Gabriela Maciel | biology 

“I plan to either do a post-baccalaureate in the medical science field. Once I have my clinical hours acquired, I will apply to physician associate school and continue on into the health care setting,” said Maciel. 

Melanie Lopez | biology 

“My plans after graduation are to attend PA school and receive my masters,” said Lopez.

Shandelle Carrillo | sociology 

“My plan after graduation is to work at either a non-profit or on campus because I want to work in higher education,” said Carrillo. 

Natalie Gudino Quiles | hospitality management 

“My plan as of now after graduation will be working as a conference and catering manager for UCLA overlooking all incoming interns who will be joining us this summer,” said Gudino Quiles.

Milani Serrano | psychology 

“After graduation, I plan on working until I find something I love then going to get my masters and potential my DR for the field. I wanna work with minorities to better their higher educational experiences,” said Serrano. 

Alexa Ruiz | business administration 

“I plan on interning with Nordstrom, where I will be able to gain knowledge about sales management and marketing,” said Ruiz. 

Allan Miranda | sociology 

“My plans after I graduate is to attend grad school where I’ll be getting my master in marriage, family and therapy. I am still waiting to hear back from the schools I applied too,” said Miranda. 

Andrea Lopez | animal science 

“I plan to continue working as a vet tech in an animal hospital in Diamond Bar every day and apply for vet schools for the upcoming year. I will maintain busy, try to do new things, explore different places and get more animal experience till I can get accepted into a vet school,” said Lopez. 

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