Methods behind getting proper rest: dream team sleep workshop

By Alexander Novoa and Noel Sanchez, May 2, 2023

With the end of the semester winding down and final exams right around the corner, this is a crucial time for college students to get the proper amount of rest. This is where the student health department came into play with an event centered around the do’s and don’ts before bedtime took place thanks to them. 

There will certainly be long nights of studying and cramming but the golden eight hours of sleep must be reached in order to ensure our bodies perform at a high level. 

The Bronco Wellness Center is well-aware of the many students who claim to be part of “Team No Sleep” whenever this time of the year rolls around. However, they put together a Dream Team Sleep Workshop to educate individuals how important it is to prioritize letting body and mind recover with rest and improve their sleeping habits. 

Alexander Novoa | The Poly Post

Nathalie Nalbandian, a peer health educator at CPP, specifically focused on a consistent exercise routine, which could result in better sleep. She took students through a various number of stretches and also discussed how those who incorporate more movement into their days can manage stress much better. 

Nalbandian pinpointed busy schedules as the reason why many students find themselves up late at night trying to catch up on all their tasks from the day. However, she stressed one tactic as a means of avoiding this. 

“I think time management is a big one,” said Nalbandian. “Having to balance work, school and hobbies and maybe not being able to schedule everything beforehand it could get really busy at the end and that could create a lot of stress. A lot of students need to commute too, like myself, so that takes up a lot of time. So, it’s important to plan ahead.” 

Maintaining good mental and physical health requires getting enough sleep. During the workshop, peer health educators also presented various sleep-related scenarios, which helped students assess whether their sleep habits are healthy and effective or potentially harmful. 

Following unhealthy sleep patterns can negatively affect students’ ability to focus and be productive in school.  

Chemical engineering student Lindsey Rodriguez mentioned she primarily only goes to school, and sleep significantly impacts her schoolwork. 

“I’ll stay up studying for one class,” said Rodriguez. “And then it kind of backfires. The next day, you can’t stay up as late studying for the next class or doing your other homework. I feel like it’s a never-ending cycle.” 

After learning about healthy sleep patterns, students who attended the workshop participated in a group activity where they walked around to different stations and met with a peer educator to learn more about getting a better night’s rest.  

At one of the stations, it was emphasized how crucial it was to restrict the use of electronic devices and limit screen time. The blue light that emanates from devices like laptops, smartphones and tablets can interfere with students’ sleep and make it difficult for them to fall asleep. 

Peer health educator Liana Tatevosian mentioned how social media plays a significant role in today’s society, becoming more addicting, resulting in a decline in both the quality and quantity of students’ sleep and making it harder to focus on schoolwork.  

“When I’m not paying attention to the time, I can be on social media for hours,” said Tatevosian. “I think it has a big impact, but putting a timer on how long we can be on social media and being more mindful helps me.” 

After the workshop concluded, the students participating in the group activity were presented with various complimentary items, such as blue light-blocking glasses, sleep masks and a yoga stretch band. 

The Bronco Wellness Center has weekly workshops covering various health topics and tips for all CPP students.  

For more information, Students can visit the Student Health and Wellness Services website or follow them on social media, where they post more details about upcoming events. 

Feature image courtesy of Alexander Novoa 

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