ASI swings into spring semester with ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ screening

By Victoria Mejicanos, Jan. 31, 2023

ASI hosted its first event of the 2023 spring semester on Jan. 27 in the Bronco Commons for a screening of the “Spider-Man: No Way Home” film. The movie night marked the end of the first week of the semester as a way for students to wind down and engage with one another.

ASI branded blankets were handed out on a first-come, first-serve basis to those who arrived early to the event. The first 100 students were given free tacos from the “Savage Tacos” food truck. The taco truck included the classic carne asada taco, with a variety of fusion tacos as well, such as the jerk chicken tacos and Asian wanton tacos.

Those not in the mood for tacos also had the option to choose garlic fries and the complimentary popcorn and water provided by ASI.

Students were able to interact with one another prior to the film starting. Many came prepared with blankets and pillows, staying close to each other due to the cold weather.

Alexis Castelan, the lead of the event, shared that the main goal was to bring students together by allowing them to be near one another and familiarize themselves with the diverse community at Cal Poly Pomona.

“Since it was the first event of the semester, we really wanted just an event where students could come and hang out with their friends, or even if students haven’t been to our events and don’t have very many friends, they can just come chill,” Castelan said.

The movie itself was a major factor in attendance. There were many longtime fans of Spider-Man, and the latest addition to the franchise is no exception.

Oscar Navarro, a visual communication design student, shared his love for the most recent Spider-Man film, especially having grown up with all the different portrayals.

“Spider-Man is my favorite superhero, I’ve seen this movie like two times already. I love how it has each of them in it. Each actor has their own special thing that adds to the character,” Navarro said.

This event served as an opportunity for attendees to be brought together not only through their love for the franchise but the overall film watching experience. Throughout the screening students could be heard cheering, laughing and quoting some of their favorite lines. A  hush also fell over the group when more somber scenes occurred.

When Aunt May uttered the famous line, “With great power comes great responsibility” as she realizes those may be the last words she says to her nephew Peter Parker, the entire audience fell silent with their eyes glued to the big screen.

Rudy Varo, an ASI staff member, explained that loyal fanbase movies such as Spider-Man tend to attract larger crowds which is why he appreciates these movie nights.

“Any superhero movie can tie a lot of people. People love that fandom and I like the idea because it brings people together,” he said.

Megan Shadrick, a business major, shared that as a student athlete these events are important for her to nurture her friendships.

“I love these big events like Bronco Fusion. I just love going with friends and being on campus. I’m an athlete so I have friends, but it’s nice to be with my other friends and do things with them because it’s hard to see them when I’m in season,” she said.

She also shared that events like this movie night are enjoyable because it encourages students to relax after a long week.

Despite the cold, students were able to unwind and bond over a common interest. Being able to de-stress and engage with others made students, like Shadrick, eager to attend future ASI events.

To attend future screenings and keep up with upcoming ASI events, students can follow ASI on MyBAR as well as on Instagram.

Feature image courtesy of Corina Rainer

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