Students share their thoughts on astrology

By Kristine Pascual, Nov. 15, 2022

Astrology was first discovered in the 1800s, however, zodiac signs have started to become more popular with apps like TikTok and the astrology app, CoStar. Astrology is appealing because it helps people further understand their identities. Zodiac signs can help us feel connected to others through common traits. Some people are not as educated in zodiacs and are skeptical about astrology due to the lack of scientific grounding. 

The Poly Post went around campus to interview students about their zodiac sign as well as their stance on astrology. 

Mia Mayer | anthropology student | Aries

“I used to (believe in astrology), I would always look at the characteristics of my sign and horoscope. But I got more into stuff like (personality test) Myers Briggs.” 







Photo courtesy of Cadence Hartmann

 Caydence Hartmann | animal science student | Pisces 

 “I don’t believe in (astrology) fully, I think it’s for fun. But my mom has been interested in it, so she got me into it. I think it’s an easy way to figure out how a person works not everyone’s the same, but it’s just like a loose outline for how they act.” 







Michelle Salazar | psychology student | Virgo 

“I do (believe in astrology) because my parents are very into spirituality, so I grew up around that kind of scenario.” 








Ziggy Leiva | electrical engineering student | Leo 

“I like to believe in astrology because I think there’s some sort of connection to how we interact based on when we were born. I feel like a lot of the traits I associate with my own sign like I see in other people. I see a lot of myself in other people and a lot of us tend to fall in the same sorts of habits which is why I believe in it.” 






Photo courtesy of Madhunisha Murali

Madhunisha Murali | business student | Gemini 

“I would say that I do believe in (astrology) but to a certain point. I think some traits are true, but you can’t generalize everyone who has the same zodiac sign.” 








David Pendleton | communication student | Pisces 

“I’m not really invested in astrology; I think people who surround their personalities in their zodiac sign; it’s not true I guess.” 







Feature image courtesy of Nastya Dulhiier

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