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An endless journey for transfer students during National Transfer student week

By Jocelyn Reyes, Oct. 25, 2022

Associated Students Incorporated hosted a student life mixer for National Transfer Student Week in the University Park, on Oct. 19. This event allowed incoming transfer students to network with clubs, organizations and fellow students.

National Transfer Student Week is a celebration for transfer students which provides resources and programs that include tutoring, guidance, friendships and more. The student life mixer allowed transfer students to get to know more resources and clubs to join. Among the clubs and organizations at the event were Forensic and Security Technology, Students for a Sustainable Future club, College of Science, ASI BEAT, SCUBA and more.

With many tables to choose from the event provided students with activities outside of the classroom. Scuba diving was very intriguing to many students due to this activity not being very well known on campus.

“We’re here to recruit and inform students and transfers that we have scuba diving programs and activities, because I know as a transfer student myself, and I came and happened upon scuba department it changed the course of my college career,” said Matthew Kim, dive center assistant. “I owe a lot of what I am doing now, to getting certified as a scuba diver so I think a lot of transfer students would potentially benefit.”

Jocelyn Reyes | The Poly Post

The PolyTransfer is dedicated to helping incoming transfer students with their first year at Cal Poly Pomona by assigning mentors to students as well as any questions or concerns they might be having throughout their transition to a new campus.

“With 40% of the school population being transfer students, many should take pride in being a transfer student because you meet friends with different experiences and ages that kind of help you grow as a person and expand your mindset about people with different backgrounds,” said Amber Pena, PolyTransfer mentor.

Transfer students come from different backgrounds of education, and it can be difficult at times to adjust to a new environment. Which This is why CPP has created programs for students to feel welcome and supported through their transition.

“I am a reverse transfer. I first went to UC Davis and then transferred to Mt. Sac,” said Pena. “From there I transferred to CPP and a big thing with UC Davis is that I didn’t feel connected to the campus, so I felt a bit nervous when I came here that I will feel the same way, but PolyTransfer really made me feel like I had someone to talk to.”

Peer Mentors assist first-year transfer students with navigating their transition to CPP.

“Ask for help, reach out to your professors if you need help, go to your college advising center to get more help, and also check out the Poly Transfer lounge because it’s a great place to do your homework and hang out while you wait for your classes to start and there’s snacks as well,” said Allan Miranda, PolyTransfer mentor.

Transfer students might struggle or find it hard to find themselves in a whole different campus but that’s why events are brought to incoming transfers to feel more welcome on campus.

“Not every incoming transfer student is a part of the PolyTransfer but everyone is welcome to stop by and ask for help,” said Miranda.

For more information on ASI events, check out PolyTransfer.

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